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Too Beautiful to Live

Before The Atom Split

The wonderful Revolution 21 fired over this clip from our earliest, earliest days.



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I'm gonna miss you guys. Good luck and THANK YOU. See you at the BPP Diner afterparty...

Sent by Maura @m_a_u_r_a | 6:56 AM | 7-25-2008

that's bpp old school... THIS is bpp ol'skool

Sent by adam -- npr | 7:04 AM | 7-25-2008

That is so cool! Thanks for sharing this!!!!

Sent by Natasha | 7:28 AM | 7-25-2008

Wow. Blasted from the past. You can catch part 2 here:

Sent by Win Rosenfeld -- NPR | 7:45 AM | 7-25-2008

Nailed it.

Sent by Dan M | 8:14 AM | 7-25-2008

OMG, I'd forgotten about the badgers!!!!

Sent by Susie @rangersusie | 8:58 AM | 7-25-2008

I miss Ratatat, that was a great theme. Luke had it on recently coming back from a break on TBTL and mentioned the connection. Great video on a day to reminisce.

Sent by Paul | 11:16 AM | 7-25-2008

One time I was walking somewhere and humming a song, and I couldn't figure out what I was humming... and it was the original BPP theme.

You are missed.

Sent by Sarah @lanj | 1:10 PM | 7-25-2008