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As you know, the BPP is no stranger to fun and games. Today, we take on the wide world of pharmaceutical companies. Prilosec, Celebrex, Lipitor, Cialis, Yaz, where do they come up with this stuff? It probably has some complex scientific background, but no matter! After watching this video, you will have the tools to succeed at any pharmaceutical conference, cocktail party, or BPP gathering.



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whoa.....right on the cutting edge...what with the stock market so down except for those new drug companies and drugs going higher and higher and way higher.....we just might not have to die forever...or, just die laughing...............shhhhhhhhhh, buy now.

Sent by janet | 3:36 PM | 7-11-2008

Ian, while it has been a long time coming you have officially passed Dan Pashman in sheer awesomeness. Congratulations!

Sent by Will G | 8:57 PM | 7-11-2008

my name is rocky martinez and i work for walt mickey pharmaceuticals and we're working on a drug called numbyourthumb.

love you. miss you.

Sent by rachel | 10:54 PM | 7-11-2008

Rachel M???
What's it like not having to get up at 0 dark thirty?

Sent by Bru | 8:19 AM | 7-12-2008

Not so fast, Will G.

IAN is truly clever, and if you insist "sheer(ly) awesome," but DAN has that rockin' laugh. DAN should continue announcing "The Ramble" with Maestro Pesca.

BTW this pharmaceutical handshake game is the bomb (good). I'm Andie Panda and I work for Boughtthepharm Pharmeceuticals. We've been working on A New Drug specifically for Huey Lewis, ever since his request for one became Billboard's #1 dance single April 14, 1984.

Sent by Andie H Lise | 6:22 AM | 7-13-2008

I have been waiting for this day! Finally pharmaceutical conference gets the attention it deserves (however no one told me, Ian, one was in the game for life)
As much as the internet tried to turn itself off at my location, I persevered and it was entirely worth it.
Love, BPP's # 1 fan (probably of thousands) in Southern Africa.

Sent by Kata | 1:45 PM | 7-13-2008

Not to dish the great Dan Pashman or anything, but the man inexcusably aired a clip from the Fox animated comedy Family Guy last month... if it wasn't for that he would still be at the top of my chart, instead of tied for a close second with Tricia.

And while this is only the brilliant Roger Test's humble opinion, as the chief research leader at Advantex Enterprises I believe I am more worthy than most to comment on the topic of awesomeness. Our drug, after all, is Lamex, which is designed to treat the chronic brain-wasting disease of lameness.

Sent by Will G | 6:59 PM | 7-13-2008

OK, I come home from filling Rx's all day and encounter this? Talk about work following me home. Good start guys, but I think the next level would be the Barbie and Ken attire that pharmaceutical reps appear in as they approach my counter to talk about the next ED drug their selling. Oh, and more hairspray would be a plus.

Sent by Liz P. | 11:06 PM | 7-14-2008