Dr. Dog Joins the BPP

Philly indie rock band Dr. Dog stopped by last week to chat and play songs from their new album, "Fate." We played a portion of the interview on the show today, but since the BPP's time is short, we didn't have space for the whole thing. Here's the full Dr. Dog interview, with an additional song performance that didn't air today:



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Stream the entire new album on the band's MySpace page.



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The following message was sent to the NPR Ombudsman.

Bryant Park Project: Termination

I am very disappointed that NPR has chosen to discontinue funding fof the BPP. As a listner in the midwest (Oklahoma) I was lucky enough to have Sirius Satellite Radio otherwise, I would not have even known BPP existed. Now, it will no longer matter. This is unfortunate and unsatisfying.

As a longtime, tech savy listner, I found the BPP to be my new morning show "home". It is the type of programming that I believe NPR needed to stay relevant to the future NPR listener.

I have been an NPR supporter and contributed to my local station, but I have been resistent to continuing my committment because my local station has failed to introduce other NPR programming that I found enlightening, engaging, entertaining and relevant. I found the BPP met my listening needs and alleviated my concerns about the future of NPR in many ways.

I will continue to listen to NPR and may even be moved to support it financially again in the future. However, as in the past, I am concerned about the future of NPR.


Daniel Howard

Sent by Daniel Howard | 11:14 AM | 7-23-2008

the sad countdown continues. something like when ray suarez left talk of the nation, or when the npr nazis decided that bo-hawb edwurrds was too dated for morning edition.

i'm an old npr junkie who lives in rural missouri - i have to stream because the radio doesn't pick up npr. you guys are my only social life.

my bpp hip young friends will be fine and contine with their brilliant careers - this hopefully being a fondly remembered armadillo in the road.

for remembrance i have three new baby chicks - a game cock called dan pashman, a beautiful black cochin hen named laura conway and a crazy hyper mallard duck called simply allison. i wont eat them.

Sent by shelley bishop | 12:04 PM | 7-23-2008

@ Shelley Bishop That is so sweet. Can you send us a picture of the chicks to post on the blog?

Sent by Caitlin Kenney/NPR | 12:11 PM | 7-23-2008

@shelley bishop "for remembrance i have three new baby chicks - a game cock called dan pashman, a beautiful black cochin hen named laura conway and a crazy hyper mallard duck called simply allison"

Excellent idea. If I were Dan I'd be more than flattered.

A friend of mine got some chickens for the purposes of laying eggs quite some time ago. The roosters, Stew, Fricassee, and au Vin, died of natural causes fairly young (if a fox can be considered a natural cause). A few of the hens, however, are still going at 13. It turns out it is quite difficult to find vets who are experienced with geriatric fowl.
The answer to almost any complaint is, "I dunno. I didn't know they lived that long."

Sent by Dave Wiley | 4:29 PM | 7-23-2008

To be honest, I have nothing to add about this whole BPP vs. NPR business; just that Dr. Dog sounded great on the show. Tremendous versions of those songs--love the chord organ.

Sent by Bernie Shakey | 2:35 AM | 7-24-2008

Listening to the BPP was something that my 13-yr old son and I enjoyed every morning on the commute to school. There aren't many radio stations we both enjoy. Actually, there isn't much a 13-year old boy enjoys in common with his mother, so I was devastated when I heard that your show was cancelled. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you find a new home before school starts again!

Sent by Linda Reynolds | 10:47 AM | 7-25-2008

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