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A long time ago I attempted to create a story that would make it to #1 on the Most E-mailed List. To accomplish my goal I studied the list, and created a story that included elements commonly found on the list. Back then I peaked at #2. The #1 story got linked on, and that was that. So I'm making one more attempt. Go to the story and e-mail it to everyone you know. (Keep in mind that when you enter a list of e-mail addresses separated by commas, the site only counts it as one e-mail. You have to enter one address, hit send, then go back and do the process again.)

Now get e-mailing. Use this version of the story from today's show. This is our lasting legacy on NPR!



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Quick question. Are we emailing the February one (it's on the BPP home page) or the one from today (linked in Dan's post)? Or does it matter?

Sent by Sarah Lee | 10:56 AM | 7-25-2008

Email the one from today!

Sent by Dan Pashman, (almost formerly of) NPR | 11:16 AM | 7-25-2008

Another question: is the e-mail count affected by whether you separate the email addresses with commas or if you send it to individual addressees separately?

Sent by kim | 11:34 AM | 7-25-2008

You have to send them individually. It counts the number of times it is emailed, not the number of people it goes to.

Sent by Lesley | 12:16 PM | 7-25-2008

It's already #2! NPR's gonna be sorry. Just a "few" people sending out a "few" emails makes a most emailed for a cancelled show. Up your nose wit' a rubber hose, NPR.

Sent by Sarah Lee | 1:57 PM | 7-25-2008

Can't we do a letter-writing campaign or one of those things were we send an object over and over again - how 'bout bats?

Or am I still in the first stage?

Sent by kim | 2:30 PM | 7-25-2008

just sent out the link - in five separate email sends - !!! hope it helps!! i miss you guys so much already. thanks for everything!

Sent by Michael Wood | 2:31 PM | 7-25-2008

BTW - this is hilarious. I've been giggling all day about the use of the storycorps music.

On an unrelated note and since this puppy's going down, Dan, you're hot!!!

Sent by kim | 3:45 PM | 7-25-2008

1:30AM and BPP has hit #1 and #2


Sent by Steve | 1:32 AM | 7-26-2008

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