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Listener Challenge: The $10 Burger-and-Beer

A guy we know on Twitter, @mjb, wrote the other day: "Found $10 on the sidewalk, free lunch, and free beer after work."

And we're thinking, in what city, guy? It turns out MJB lives in Washington, D.C., where his job was springing for lunch that day. But @faerirose says you could pull it off in Omaha, if you stick to basics like Budweiser.

Help us with this one, people. Where you live, can you buy a burger and a beer for $10?



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Hey I also twittered that I am sure you could pull it off in Cleveland.

Sent by Nycteris | 9:59 AM | 7-3-2008

In Baltimore, it is still p;ossible to get that deal, in fact, on Wednesday nights from 4p-10p yoiu can do that deal for $5 at the Curb Shoppe.

Sent by Pimlico Pete | 10:00 AM | 7-3-2008

If you live in a city where a burger costs more than $7.50 (I don't drink, but I can't imagine a single beer would cost more than $2.50) - I think you owe it to yourself to move.

Sent by Leigh Cutler | 10:02 AM | 7-3-2008

I AM @mjb and I think I was slightly misconstrued. My reply tweet tried to clarify after @bpp was incredulous about what they thought I said: "The $10 is separate, lunch is being provided by work. So is the beer, separately. In DC $10 *could* get you lunch and 1 beer, maybe."

Sent by Matthew | 10:03 AM | 7-3-2008

My favorite Burger in NYC sells for a mere $10 with a beer from the Clinton Street Bakery There is a catch: BEER & BURGER -- $10 from 6-8 pm every night. Here's the mouth-watering description of the $10 specimen that comes along-side your frothy beverage of choice.
Black Angus Cheeseburger:
brioche roll, caramelized sweet onions, swiss, house slaw, hand-cut potato chips
Tastes even better than it sounds.

Sent by Josh Rogosin | 10:10 AM | 7-3-2008

I live in Syracuse, NY, and it is absolutely possible here! We have a notably low cost of living for being a semi-urban environment - I could get a burger for $5 and a beer for $3, no problem, and still have $2 left over for tip! Admittedly, I'm more of a wine drinker though. =0)

Sent by Lauren A. | 10:32 AM | 7-3-2008

Heck yes I can! Potbelly's gives you a nice sandwich for $4.61 (that includes tax) and the burger from Five Guys is under $5. Assuming your beer is less than $5, you're golden....

Sent by Paul Kittredge | 10:36 AM | 7-3-2008

In Kansas City, where I "summer" I could get a burger and a beer for $10, but there'd be no money left for a tip.

In Manhattan, Ks, where I spend the school year, you could easily stuff yourself on tacos and beers on a thursday for a ten spot.

Opting for a bar burger would put you closer to the 10 dollar mark, but in most places it would still be hard to spend much more than that.

Sent by Adam Works | 10:42 AM | 7-3-2008

Here in the middle of the country, as @faerirose said, burger and a beer for $10 is easy (if you're willing to drink everyday beer). Just a few examples from my menu file:

BG Bolton's, Wichita, Kan.: Bolton's Burger with homemade potato chips or sweet potato fries and a domestic draft beer, $9.69.

Biederman's Bistro, Winfield, Kan.: Swiss Mushroom Burger with chips and a domestic bottled beer, $6.95.

Las Fajitas, Ponca City, Okla.: Classic American Burger with fries and a domestic bottled beer, $7.75.

Now those aren't necessarily my top restaurant picks if I were showing a visitor around, but they're good enough that I saved the menus.

Sent by Seth in Kansas | 11:16 AM | 7-3-2008

Monday nights in Cleveland Heights, OH: $5 for a burger, fries, and a beer at the Tavern Co. Then head across the street to the Cedar Lee theatre for a $5 movie. Burger, beer, and a movie for $10. Perfect cheap date night.

Sent by JD | 11:18 AM | 7-3-2008

Mike was right, in Sioux Falls, SD. Actually, you could do it easily pretty much anywhere in SD.

Sent by Karen | 12:13 PM | 7-3-2008

I can't believe no one has mentioned the classic $10 burger and beer combo in our very backyard: the venerable Corner Bistro. $2.50 McSorley's + $5.75 cheeseburger = 1.75 left over for the jukebox.

Sent by Michelle | 12:41 PM | 7-3-2008

Yeah Vernies Hamburger Shack tasty in Hays, KS

Sent by Mike | 2:00 PM | 7-3-2008

The Night Light in Portland, OR has sliders and beer for under $10 during their daily happy hour. A merciful four hours long, I might add.

Sent by Erica | 3:43 PM | 7-3-2008

Terre Haute, bet!

Sent by Jonathan | 5:14 PM | 7-3-2008

I'll second Baltimore. Swallow at the Hollow won an award for best burgers from the local weekly, and they're half-price Sundays and Wednesdays. Even at full price, you can get one with a beer for under $10.

Sent by Nick | 6:04 PM | 7-3-2008

I don't know about a burger and beer, but Rubio's Fish Tacos offers a carne asada burrito and Corona for 8.50 plus tax. I love fast food restaurants which sell alcohol!

Sent by Matthew C. Scallon | 1:17 AM | 7-4-2008

Yeah, I can think of a bar or two in Brooklyn or Lower Manhattan where a happy hour burger would be $5, and a happy hour beer would be about 3 or 4. I'm thinking of Pianos in the east village.

Also, there's at least three different bars run by the same people, two in Brooklyn, one on 14th st in Manhattan, where every drink you buy (standard 4 and 5 dollar beers) entitles you to a free, very tasty 12-inch pizza.

Sent by Nate | 11:05 AM | 7-4-2008

Pretty sure you can two burger meals with beers at McDonald's here.

Sent by Marc Naimark in Paris | 8:49 AM | 7-7-2008