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Listener Checks In: Cerealize the BPP


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You want to know why we love you so much? Check out this post from listener Daniel O'Toole.



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Sorry, I am eating all of my cereal. These tough economic times have forced me to eat every last little bit.

Nonetheless, I will miss BPP. It was the type of radio show that NPR should have all over the airwaves.

Save the show. As for me, it's back to my cereal bowl.

Sent by Dan McCauley | 8:01 AM | 7-24-2008

Rock it. I'm in.

Sent by Sarah Lee | 8:04 AM | 7-24-2008

Just read Daniel's post and felt so inspired that I jumped up from my chair, walked barefoot in the pre-dawn darkness (in California) out to our recycling bin to dig out a Raisin Bran box. That puppy's going in the mail TODAY!

Sent by Marilyn | 8:21 AM | 7-24-2008

totally, im in

Sent by Mike | 8:33 AM | 7-24-2008

genius. If u cannot beat them, annoy them. Count chocula me in.

Sent by Ashley l | 8:33 AM | 7-24-2008

When I first saw the picture I thought the cereal box was going into a giant shredder. To paraphrase police chief Marge Gunderson, "I guess that was your breakfast in the wood chipper."

Sent by andy carvin, npr | 8:47 AM | 7-24-2008

Cereal comes in a bag in a box, though. You can still eat all your cereal, Dan McCauley.

Sent by Sarah Lee | 8:49 AM | 7-24-2008

I am right now addressing the envelope. It is hard to get US cereal where I live, but I will send a message to the PREZ. I am tempted to say something sarcastic, or a half witted. BUT I have been a regular listener for about a year, it helps me get through grading these EFL writing assignments, all 300 of them each week.
I want you to keep in touch, ok. Let me know when I can hear your voices again, because I have really grown to appreciate you.

Sent by Thomas Asada-Grant | 8:49 AM | 7-24-2008

@Dan: You can still eat the cereal. Just cut out one side of the box. Leave the bag inside intact.

Sent by Nathan in Holland | 8:50 AM | 7-24-2008

Oh. My. Didn't have any cereal myself, so checked the recycling room. There was a box of... Fruity Cheerios. Not Froot Loops, Fruity Cheerios! I think it's a sign.

Unless Pesca lives in my building, which I suppose is possible. Wait, no--he would have burst into my apartment to correct me at some point if that were true. :)

Sent by Trey (@treyethan) | 9:17 AM | 7-24-2008

snail mail in Mx + crossing the border + USPS = my cereal box will arrive by Xmas but count me in!

Sent by Adriana R | 9:32 AM | 7-24-2008

I don't eat cereal, but I'm going to steal the front of a box of it from a friend who does so I can do this tonight!

Sent by Jeremy | 9:43 AM | 7-24-2008

This will be the first thing I do when I get home from work tonight. I have been in denial all week. As I listen to the previous' day BBP broadcast on my ipod I know how sad I am going to be Monday when I listen to your last show airing on Friday. Even in Boston I felt like part of the BBP family. Thanks for including me. I hate that all the write-ups have called you NPR's experiment. Sounds like they were weary from the start. It is too bad. They are going to regret this decision as badly as when HBO decided to pass on Mad Men. Good Luck to you all, and I look forward to see what you do next.

Sent by Stephanie Cariello | 9:44 AM | 7-24-2008

I've got nothing better to do at work...

Sent by Drew | 9:53 AM | 7-24-2008


I've already sent an email, but I don't have a problem reminding them daily how much I need my BPP.

Technical question. May I use a smaller box, I'm thinking a Fleet Enema box would best express my feelings about their decision or is that a little too over the top?

Sent by Julie in North Carolina | 9:59 AM | 7-24-2008

We all need to chip in and get Rapmaster Maurice to make one of his phone calls to NPR brass regarding their decision.

Sent by Paul | 10:04 AM | 7-24-2008

Good luck BPP staffers. Am I the only one who stopped listening when Luke left? He added a lot to the show.

Sent by Tom | 10:25 AM | 7-24-2008

I think I actually have Smart Start in my apartment. Goldmine.

Sent by Sarah | 10:34 AM | 7-24-2008

My coworkers and I all listen to the Bryant Park Project in the mornings. We were very excited to have a quality news show that was tuned to our interests. Cancelling this show will be a large blunder that NPR cannot afford to make. We love the BPP and all its contributors!!

Sent by Brandon | 10:40 AM | 7-24-2008

Loved what you've been doing online and in the podcast. Rene and I are mailing in our box of Lucky Charms for the show! Hope they work some magic on your behalf. All the best, JT

Sent by John Tynan | 11:00 AM | 7-24-2008

I just read this at work, where I have no cereal handy. But as soon as I get home tonight, I'll be cuttin' up a box.

Sent by Cinder Conlon | 11:03 AM | 7-24-2008

I'll miss everything except that song that plays throughout the entire show in the background.. .that could be the entire reason it's being canceled.. :(

Why are my favorite shows always being canceled? (Arrested Development, ect)

Sent by Neal Rosenblat | 11:03 AM | 7-24-2008

@Neal Rosenblat--

The "song that plays throughout the entire show in the background"? Have you been having technical difficulties all this time? There's no song.

The BPP lays words over music in places that other NPR programs wouldn't, like the newscast and the Most and Ramble and Laura's online update, but they do a good job of ducking and there's not a single song...

Sent by Trey (@treyethan) | 11:40 AM | 7-24-2008

I'm planning on buying some Trix today and sending in the front of that with the following on the back:

"Trix are for kids, but apparently NPR is not."

Sent by Steve Petersen | 11:41 AM | 7-24-2008

I'm in! Just downloaded an image of the Kix Cereal box and made my own postcard. The message reads "I got such a Kix out of BPP. Bring it back!"

Sent by Sara Bartholomew | 11:48 AM | 7-24-2008

My "postcard" is now in the mail!

Sent by Steve Petersen | 8:32 AM | 7-25-2008

I just did my cereal box. I hope Kev gets the message

Sent by Julie in North Carolina | 1:53 PM | 7-25-2008

Done! Kev, brace yourself.

Sent by William | 2:13 PM | 7-25-2008