Look, Ma! I'm In The Paper! : The Bryant Park Project The day I made the 'New York Times.'
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Look, Ma! I'm In The Paper!

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From the New York Times

On Thursday, I tried to pedal home by heading toward the West Side bike path. Traffic was so lousy that I ended up turning south down Broadway, taking the direct route.

This was not the easiest choice. I'd just been interviewing a guy who takes care of a memorial Ghost Bike around the corner. It was full rush hour, and Broadway's rarely a pleasant go. But the city has been up to something major there, reworking the road surface in a project that has seemed endless, mysterious and promising.

So there I was, pedaling along behind a taxi, when I heard the distinct click of a shutter. It turns out I wasn't the only one curious about what the city's up to. A New York Times photographer was taking pictures for a story about the rehab of Broadway — a whole lane for cyclists! another for people to hang out on! — and now I was part of it. That smudge up there, behind the yellow cab, is me.