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Sad times here at the BPP.

There's still a good serving of fun stuff in the works, but it's tough to face the fact that a lot of those back burner ideas just won't come to fruition this time around.

Here's one thing (in fact the only thing) that was cooking on my stove last night — that famed piece of Brooklyn-grown okra, pictured here with other spoils from my window box.

Food styling courtesy of our ever-smiling receptionist/den mother Agnes Janiszewski and resident video goddess Zena Barakat.

It really does take a village. Laura Conaway's been encouraging me to fry up that okra, but I didn't realize I was supposed to cut it into pieces first. This full-pod style is inspired by Chinese Mirch, a local Indian fusion restaurant which serves its okra slightly battered, crispy and dusted with red pepper.

Not a bad way to be.



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This just made me think of BPP bakeoffs. It was actually the Valentine's Day bakeoff that moved me from listener to blog participant.

Can you find room in the final week for one more challenge?

I imagine the unruly BPP crowd will clamor for this, too. Imagine them chanting:

Sent by Seth in Kansas (@eleneezdad) | 10:33 AM | 7-18-2008