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Pesca Makes The 'BPP' A Valentine

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Pesca Makes The 'BPP' A Valentine

Too Beautiful to Live

Pesca Makes The 'BPP' A Valentine

Pesca Makes The 'BPP' A Valentine

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From Mike, with love

As was always the plan, I'm going back to reporting for NPR — all sports all the time, which I'm very excited about.

For the past couple of days, we've all been remembering the BPP as a great media experiment. Let's not forget that it was, at times, a great radio show to listen to, and at all times, a truly fun radio show to work on. The writer Chris Hedges, who covered many wars for the New York Times, pointed out that combatants don't fight for the policymakers, or the generals, or God, or country or the flag. For the most part, they fight for the guy to the left of them and the guy to the right of them.

In some businesses, like Wall Street trading, "going to war" metaphors abound, but you don't hear them so much at NPR. Still, Hedges' point holds here. What drives you to wake up at 3:30 a.m., and be a somewhat absentee dad, and put in 12-hour days, and really, really care that the people of Vincennes aren't bored in the morning — you can chalk that up to professionalism and commitment, sure, but it's mostly due to the people you work with.

With the BPP folks in mind, I put together an audio valentine of some of my favorite moments on and off the air. It does go on a little too long, and at times the references and connections are obscure, which makes it a good reflection of me. Also, if you get really bored in the middle, you can start listening for the brief Terry Gross cameo. Thanks, BPP. There was so much joy in what we did.



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Mike, you were a great host of the BPP! I'm going to miss your morning monologues before the first story, that often seemed like amusing rants about whatever happened to be on your mind. Absolutely hilarious! I always hoped you'd stay on as Allison's co-host when she returned, but I guess that won't happen. Thanks for making the BPP so enjoyable to listen to, and for making my day just that much brighter!

Sent by Jeremy | 11:08 AM | 7-18-2008

I disagree. It was NOT too long. It was great.

Sent by T. Weiss | 11:19 AM | 7-18-2008

Awe. Some.

Crap. I love me some Pesca but I hate sports. This is a dark day.

Sent by Maura @m_a_u_r_a | 11:33 AM | 7-18-2008

I'll miss you Mike.

Best of luck.

Sent by G | 11:35 AM | 7-18-2008

Mike I'm gonna miss listening to you so much! Thanks so much for sharing your killer wit with us for these last few months.

Sent by Sad-as-ever Carey | 11:45 AM | 7-18-2008

Thank you for your wit and humour during
the show. You will be missed. I listen
to NPR so maybe I will hear your voice again. Except that I'm ticked off at the cancellation of the BPP that I won't be listening too much after the 25th.

Sent by M.A. Lewis | 11:52 AM | 7-18-2008

I'll miss you, you big hunk! Great job!

Sent by Dr. Melissa Wheeler | 12:11 PM | 7-18-2008

Had to find that with the mention of the tree of shame at the tail of the dragon, since I was there a couple months ago....

Sent by Greg | 12:36 PM | 7-18-2008

Best of luck Mike and thanks for being such a great host! Any chance you'll ever do more "On The Bubble" segments on TBTL?

Sent by Dan M. | 12:39 PM | 7-18-2008

Me too! Me too! I'll miss you.
I may have to learn to like sports reporting.

Sent by Jill | 12:46 PM | 7-18-2008

For me, the BPP _is_ Mike Pesca. I started listening to the BPP religiously about the time Pesca took control of the helm, when Alison Stewart went on maternity leave (in April).

I love his wit, his command of the English language, his insight and commentary ...

I heart-heart-heart octopuses, I mean, Mike Pesca! <3 <3 <3

Sent by Addis | 12:52 PM | 7-18-2008

@Mike Pesca, you are one great paisano. Arrivaderci!

Sent by Matthew C. Scallon @mattsteady | 1:07 PM | 7-18-2008

Like the above poster, I started listening right after Mike took the wheel. I had a really hard time with figuring out if you were a snotty nerd or a witty genius. I have found you are a cornucopia of many wonderous things, including the ones I listed above. I have grown to love you, and I will miss you. My mornings will never be the same.

Sent by Shannon Gonzalez | 1:15 PM | 7-18-2008

I haven't felt this way since Square Pegs was canceled by CBS. Your future should be broader than sports broadcasting Mike. Have you considered TV? I guess you're just too good for the NPR dinosaurs.

Sent by Stephen Elvis Smith | 1:33 PM | 7-18-2008

The hits just keep on coming.. First the show is canceled, then Pesca leaves a week early! This just sucks! We love you Pesca; you were the best!!

Sent by Pesca forever | 1:55 PM | 7-18-2008

I also only know the BPP with Mike at the helm (with Rachel), being a recent convert. All the best Mike, it's been great listening to you. Your early mornings and long hours were certainly appreciated by many. Look forward to still hearing from you on other shows, though sadly not the BPP.

Sent by Paul | 2:03 PM | 7-18-2008

This whole thing just makes me hurt on the inside.

Sent by amy | 2:09 PM | 7-18-2008

Best wishes Mike.....I didn't always follow where you were going, but I had a great time getting there.

Sent by Julie in North Carolina | 3:01 PM | 7-18-2008

The morning drive into work in Portland OR is going to have a whole lot less energy and verve w/out the BPP vibe along for the ride. Good thing I like sports...

Sent by Betty Lou Morrow | 3:25 PM | 7-18-2008

I have to admit, in the beginning I very much disliked you as a host; I was annoyed by your interruptions and constant banter, but you grew on me and now I am very sad to see you go. I love your vocabulary- I started making a list(it's quite long now) of all the words you used that I was not too familiar with. I think you and Allison would have been great together for the last week.

Good luck with everything!

Nice Arrested Development usage...why does 'the media' cancel every show that I hold dear to my heart? why!?

Sent by Jillian in San Diego | 3:28 PM | 7-18-2008

Thanks Mike. It is a good time to go back to sports, Go Mets!!!

Sent by Drew | 3:40 PM | 7-18-2008

Pesca, that was brilliant. You rock, dude. Godspeed.

Sent by Cinder Conlon | 3:49 PM | 7-18-2008

Mike, I really was missing Alison when she left for maternity leave. But, I've grown to love your hosting skills as well and this posting highlights why. Excellent job with the "Waiting for Guffman" in there- so hilarious! I will miss you all so much!

Sent by Jenny | 3:56 PM | 7-18-2008


I blasted you a couple of times but I will definitely miss you. I don't understand why you and Allison won't cohost the show next week. The BPP is really a two host show. Can somoe one explain this to me?

Look forward to hearing you on other shows. It was a sad day today.

Sent by Jim Trenton | 4:03 PM | 7-18-2008

I will miss this show dearly...especially listening to Mike Pesca not only because of his whithy, creative and insiteful interveiwing style, but also because I have learned more new vocabulary words from listening to him than I feel I have in my entire life. You all are bright lights on the NPR spectrum..keep shining
With much regard and appreciation,
Jennifer H.

Sent by Jennifer | 5:16 PM | 7-18-2008

i shall be listening for your voice, sir...i have grown to think of it as a know what this missed in the montage this morning...the one where you siad the bpp could be picked up on uncle leo's fillings or something alongs those lines... you are brilliant at making me laugh.

Sent by m.rawlins | 5:48 PM | 7-18-2008

Mike, I have always avoided writing in to comment about my feelings on your hosting style. I think mostly because you all felt like friends and I didn't want to hurt your feelings -- goofy I know but that's how I felt. Anyway since the outcome was good I am going to tell you. In the beginning I wasn't so hip to the Pesca hosting style but I began to really enjoy you hosting. I loved your questions and sense of humor some of which went over my head but that's okay because I never listened with anybody that would catch me not getting it. Well, I am going to miss you. Thanks for making my days fun and informative. Good luck to you.

Sent by robin | 6:00 PM | 7-18-2008

Good luck Mike and thanks for helping make BPP my favorite radio program. I'm going to miss you, the gang, and the whole show.

Sent by Meredith | 6:16 PM | 7-18-2008

Gosh, I am so sad to hear the show is ending. I run to your podcast every afternoon with my dog and it always keeps me entertained, and up to date with important goings on in the world. I might not be able to run anymore without the podcast, or keep up with whats happening out there....

Sent by Laura | 8:10 PM | 7-18-2008

Ah, I just listened to it again. It's so Pescalicious! Mike, you're one of a kind, and I thank you again.

Sent by Tricia, NPR | 7:18 AM | 7-19-2008

Loved it. Thanks Mike.

Was that the infamous Ilya f-bomb?

Sent by Dave Wiley | 11:43 PM | 7-19-2008

@ Dave Wiley - If I remember right I think it was an s-bomb. The adjective form of it.

I realize that saying words like that on the radio causes trouble and that some folks are offended. But I laughed out loud. Just as I did when Luke said that Cinnabon might put horse semen in their frosting. I like the highbrow stuff.

Sent by Maura @m_a_u_r_a | 11:45 AM | 7-20-2008

Mike - Thanks for all the laughs that made my co-workers in the surrounding cubes raise their eyebrows at me. I'd be the happiest person in the world if I could turn your clever Pesca-isms into ring tones that my phone would randomly cycle through so that every time I answer the phone, I would do so with a giggle in my voice. Enjoy the return-to-sports adventure!

Sent by Jamie F | 2:20 PM | 7-20-2008

@Maura: "I like the highbrow stuff."

Me, too. One of the things I dearly wish at the end of the Bush era is someone to run the FCC who doesn't make diamonds by sitting on coal. No word could possibly more obscene than the average headline recently.

Sent by Dave Wiley | 11:27 PM | 7-20-2008

hey Mike, When you took over for Alison I wasn't so sure. I really missed Alison. But I grew to really like hearing you and your great sense of humor. It would be cool do hear a show with you and Alison, but I guess that may not happen.

I wish you and all the BPP people the best.

Sent by steve | 9:55 AM | 7-21-2008 were the smartest addition to the BPP...and I loved whole group from the beginning. I was truly hoping you would stay when Allison returned. I enjoyed every one of your segments. Thanks!

Sent by ES | 12:52 PM | 7-21-2008

a tear for you, mr. pesca.

i'm serious. i am crying. geez.

I guess i can put my dictionary back on the shelf. By put, i mean throw really hard. Welcome, stage 2.

Sent by ashley l. | 11:23 PM | 7-21-2008

I remember that first monday of Alison's leave. I think Rachel was gone to, so much for a sensible transition. I thought the show was dead.

I was very wrong. I loved your mispronunciations and misspeaks. But I mostly loved your being within inches of "the line," and I was never completely sure which side you were actually on.

Its a shame (for me) you will be doing sports. I might have to try to get interested. No, that is too much of a stretch. Hopefully Alison and Rachel and Trish and Matt and Ian and Laura (and I'm sorry if I left your name out, you are all faceless voices to me) will do something other than sports and I can listen to them.

Au rentendre,

Sent by Mike | 4:48 PM | 7-22-2008

Loved your witty hosting skills Mike. Couldn't wait to tune into the BBP for the morning ride in. Picked up a few albums after listening to your New Music Tuesday pieces too. Wish you were finishing out the week. Good luck!

Sent by Lisa | 9:39 PM | 7-22-2008