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Thanks For The Memories

Just a short post to thank everyone here for making me a part of the BPP family. Having started working for the show in June, I think I was perhaps the most recent addition to the staff, but I'm grateful that I had the time here that I did, however brief. It was much more than just a job.

I read somewhere recently that the average person laughs 17 times a day (all right, a depressingly paltry amount of laughter to begin with) but I know that I met my daily quota at our morning meetings alone, and exceeded it many, many times over throughout the rest of each day here. Being at the Bryant Park Project was like being part of one big continuous postmodern vaudeville show, with routines both comic and serious, whose stage extended virtually everywhere and could include anything.

Thanks for letting me in on the act.



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Thanks for providing part of the content that kept us happy and informed.

Sent by T. Weiss | 12:33 PM | 7-25-2008

I thought I shook myself free
You see I bounce back quicker than most
But i'm half delirious, Is too mysterious
You walk through my walls like a ghost
And I take everyday at a time
I'm as proud as a Lion in his Lair
Now there's no denying it, a note to crying it
Your all tangled up in my head

Old habits die hard
Old soldiers just fade away
Old habits die hard
Harder than November rain
Old habits die hard
Old soldiers just fade away
Old habits die hard
Hard enough to feel the pain

We haven't spoken in months
You see i've been counting the days
I dream of such humanities, such insanities
I'm lost like a kid and i'm late
But i've never taken your coats
Haven't no block on my phone
I act like an addict, i just got to have it
I can never just leave it alone

Old soldiers just fade away
Old habits die hard
Hard enough to feel the pain

Sent by Mary Moore | 1:15 PM | 7-25-2008

So sad to see you go...

I think that it won't really sink in until I get to work on Monday and don't have a pipin' hot BPP podcast to get me through the first part of my day.

Best wishes and good luck to all.

Sent by Alex | 8:39 PM | 7-25-2008