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That intro was that long? No wonder that song was the worst hair band song ever!

Sent by Matthew C. Scallon @mattsteady | 1:51 PM | 7-18-2008

too perfect. So bummed about Monday. You will be missed BPP.

Sent by hizKNITS | 2:08 PM | 7-18-2008

Someone replied to one of the Rundown posts recently and said it keeps getting sadder and sadder to see them as the end approaches. I wholeheartedly agree. This one just about caused me to cry, though I kept my chin-up -- just as Trisha and Matt have done in this video. I've been listening since the very first podcasts in October and have faithfully listened every day. NPR has made a horrible mistake! I'm not sure I'll ever get past the anger stage as I grieve the loss of such an excellent program. As much as I want to follow Mike Pesca and whomever else has future roles at NPR, I simply refuse to support a radio network that utterly disregards the wants of their public. I am not listening or donating to NPR after the final BPP episode a week from today. (There is plenty on APM and PRI to listen to and support.) To all who have so fantastically entertained, informed, and touched me over the past nine months, I wish you all the best of luck in the future and hope your talents will be fully appreciated at your next gig. Know that in participating on the Bryant Park Project, you created something truly special.

Sent by Dan M. (in mourning) | 2:42 PM | 7-18-2008

Come on Trish, give us a wave!

Sent by Paul | 3:52 PM | 7-18-2008

In the spirit of GOB, maybe being canceled and this being the last week of the one of the best programs on NPR is an illusion?

Oh wait, that show was too awesome for television and it was canceled, too.


Sent by Sarah | 3:52 PM | 7-18-2008

whoa! that seemed fitting to the this past week...

Sent by MF | 5:19 PM | 7-18-2008

Seriously, that one almost made me cry real tears of sadness.

Sent by robin | 6:12 PM | 7-18-2008

Grab your webcams folks!

That's the second time in the last year I've heard that theme and had to say goodbye to something I loved forever!
My favorite music venue here in Houston closed and that was their theme... WHHHYYY?!!!??

Sent by Bryan Perez | 7:41 PM | 7-18-2008

That only makes me love you more...

Sent by G | 8:42 PM | 7-18-2008

I can't believe it. I found the BPP as a podcast before it was even on air and I have been listening ever since. My bus rides in the morning are tolerable because of the BPP. I'll miss you terribly!

Sent by Hope Casto | 10:40 PM | 7-18-2008

I'm all cried out (ala Dusty Springfield). Until Monday that is. If this past Monday's show was any indication, I'm going to be a blubbering idiot. Thanks Trish, Matt, and all the other BPPeeps for being so awesome!

Life's a cat fight, and then you're bitch slapped. It's gonna hurt for a while.

Sent by Sandra Y. | 12:33 AM | 7-19-2008

Needs more air guitar solos.

Sent by nick g | 10:52 AM | 7-19-2008

Brilliant. Very, very sad, but brilliant.

Sent by Lars Hoel | 12:32 PM | 7-19-2008

Total bummer. Myoldself and the two twentysomethings in my workshop listened every morning. We'll miss it.Good luck,all.

Sent by tony haverstick | 7:01 PM | 7-19-2008

I'll add my voice and say I've been enjoying BPP very much--an excellent mixture of ingredients.

Sent by Frank R. | 2:04 PM | 7-20-2008

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