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it doesn't get any better than that!!! it reminded me a bit of the attention required for sign language...the only problem being that this brain was so focused on the "handses" that i don't know what you all said!!! how about if one talks and one signs.........or, no voice...see if we can lipread!!! thanks for the giggle.

Sent by janet | 4:41 PM | 7-9-2008

Were those Pashman's hands?

Sent by Matthew C. Scallon | 5:08 PM | 7-9-2008

mmmmm, on second and final viewing...and on second thought...groping for the right word on npr is so...well...common......but actual groping......might transform bpp to bpp-pg!!! i know some people say you're still feeling your way....i absolutely did not agree with them until i saw it with my own eyes!!!

Sent by janet | 5:34 PM | 7-9-2008

@Matthew C. Scallon: "Were those Pashman's hands?"

I was going to guess Ian given the long, supple, almost feminine fingers. Either way I'd pay good money for the outtakes.

Speaking of videos, anyone else notice "The Most" videos disappeared shortly after Rachel left? Coincidence?

Sent by Dave Wiley | 5:58 PM | 7-9-2008

@Dave Wiley: One of the top ten signs that you spend too much time with the BPP is that you can identify staff members by their hands. You're correct it was Ian. My hands are more like paws, better for shoveling things into my face. Ian handles the needlepoint.

Sent by Dan Pashman, NPR | 7:14 AM | 7-10-2008

Pashman you're about to get slapped with almost feminine fingers of fury.

Sent by Ian Chillag, NPR | 9:32 AM | 7-10-2008

@Dan Pashman, NPR: This leads to the obvious question. What are the other 9 signs? ;-)

Ian Chillag, NPR: I wish I had hands that could pull the skit off. I have short thick-knuckled fingers brutalized by years of bass playing and pickup softball in Chicago (ask Pashman about Chicago softball, he'll explain).

Sent by Matthew C. Scallon | 2:09 PM | 7-10-2008

It's funny. I always thought I was the almost feminine one.

Sent by Tricia, NPR | 4:05 PM | 7-10-2008