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I am not sure where else to put this comment or if someone else has already put this out therebut... is Andy Langer Bill Wolf's radio doppelganger? They sound like the same person, if Andy wasn't talking about music I would swear he was Bill W.

Sent by robin | 6:13 PM | 7-8-2008

Bryant Park Project is really lame.

It suggests itself as being hip and counter-culture, or something, but it's painfully not.

NPR in general has lost its teeth, it's towing the line.

Go listen to Pacifica, it's full of hippy-liberal trash talk, but at least it talks about all the horrible things going on in the world.

Get freaking David Icke, or Immortal Technique on here, earn your street credentials.

Stop talking New-speak trash. Wonder if this will get posted?

Sent by Anon | 8:49 PM | 7-8-2008

@robin "Andy Langer Bill Wolf's radio doppelganger"

I thought the same thing. Similar speech pattern, voice, and everything.

Sent by Dave Wiley | 9:46 PM | 7-8-2008

BPP is not that bad, it's a good first start toward making modern radio. The sad part is that NPR took so many of its youthful folks from the tentpole programs to start BPP which doesn't have that much carriage yet.

Sent by Anon | 8:13 AM | 7-9-2008

@Anon: modern radio? tentpole programs? carriage?

What language is this person speaking? Corporate radioese? Is "Anon" some CPR insider taking a swipe at the upstarts? Inquiring minds... really could not care less.

Sent by Dave Wiley | 9:59 AM | 7-9-2008

We are All Anonymous

Sent by Jody Sol | 3:39 PM | 7-10-2008

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