Theme Parks: 'Log Flume' Strategy and Much More : The Bryant Park Project Tips for getting the most of Disney World
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Theme Parks: 'Log Flume' Strategy and Much More

We talked theme parks with Theme Park Insider editor Robert Niles. Highlights include praise for Dollywood and a serious examination of "log flume" ride tactics.

My gf has never been to Disney World, so a trip there is in my future. Setting aside my mixed feelings about theme parks, I asked Robert for his top three tips. . .

1) Buy tickets online. This is where the best deals are, and you can skip the ticket line at the gate.

2) Arrive early. If you're there when the gates open, you can head straight to the most popular attractions right away, before the lines grow long.

3) Don't overdo it. Have a great time for maybe five hours, then head to the hotel for a break, possibly coming back for the evening fireworks show. It will ruin the fun if you try to do too much in one day.

I'll keep that all in mind. But the only way I can guarantee I'll enjoy a theme park sojourn to Orlando is to make sure I get on the Simpsons ride at Universal. Now, a ticket to Universal is 69 bucks. That is a lot, but when I factor in my need to ride the Simpsons a minimum of 11 times, $6.27 a go doesn't sound bad at all.

Oh, and if you don't want to wait on line for the log flume, you can always just get your own. Enjoy!