Those Happy, Happy Danes

Denmark tops the latest list of the planet's happiest nations.

I'm not saying the livable streets of Denmark's biggest city, Copenhagen, are by any means the sole factor in Danish well-being. I'm just saying I'd be a happier American if our cities looked like the one in the trailer above.

The documentary Contested Streets
Streetsblog, a livable streets resource



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I studied in Copenhagen a few years ago and any time Denmark comes up in the news my heart goes aflutter. This movie clips totally encapsulates what I observe; I took the train each day and I walked all around the city, though I never did bike. When I returned to the states I missed my commute so much. I live in Washington, DC now and the city probably comes the closest to Copenhagen in terms of comprehensive transit (good trains and buses) and a moderately welcoming attitude toward pedestrians and bikers, in comparison to any other major city in the US. I have no doubt that Danish happiness is indeed linked to their inclusive transportation infrastructure.

Sent by Kristen | 5:21 PM | 7-2-2008

@Laura Conaway. Laura, you should do an interview with John Pucher of Rutgers University. His research is about this exact topic, with a focus on how lessons for Europe can be applied in North America. He's also a fantastic speaker. There's a video somewhere on the internet of an amazing presentation he gave at Simon Fraser University. He would be a perfect interview subject for the BPP.

Sent by Edward Noodleson | 9:41 AM | 7-3-2008

Hey where's the fun?

Awww... I thought the header said Happy Dans... Nevermind :-/

Sent by Dan Kovalcik | 3:48 PM | 7-3-2008