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Today, We're All About Bikes

If you love public radio, you'll know that Science Friday is one of the best shows going. MA Shumin just finished this video for them.

It's especially on my mind today, since I'm going over to interview the person who takes care of a ghost bike I see every day.



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This video scares me! I have just started riding my bike around, mostly in parks, but eventually I would like to bike around elsewhere. I live in Denver and hope that people are more curtious than in NYC. I think I will ride on the sidewalks to be safe.

Sent by Julia from Denver | 4:26 PM | 7-10-2008

i'd like to know what anyone thinks of collapsable bikes...i'm thinking of getting one. thanks.

Sent by janet | 6:26 AM | 7-11-2008

I got a Brompton a month ago and I have to say it surpassed my expectations. It's the perfect thing for mixed bicycle and public transport commuting. Amtrak accepts folding bicycles as carry-on and I believe most subways do as well. It's also nice to be able to fold it up and take it into the office. It does not handle potholes as well as a full sized bike because of the relatively small tires. Also the gear range isn't as broad so steep hills are a bit more work. Fortunately I don't have much of either to contend with. Is there anything more specific you wanted to know?

Sent by Dave Wiley | 9:57 AM | 7-11-2008

@dave wiley...thanks so much...yes, i had been looking at brand called "citizen". it weighs in at 23lbs, 6speeds, alloy with 20 inch brompton comparable to that? is one considered top of the line? and how much did you pay? this one was advertised on sale at $274.00 but that was back on 6/5...and seems to actually run about $500.00 thanks for anything you can add. you're a dear oracle! do you work for consumers magazine!!!

Sent by janet | 10:27 AM | 7-11-2008

@janet "i had been looking at brand called "citizen". it weighs in at 23lbs, 6speeds, alloy with 20 inch wheels:"

Hmm. I'm not familiar with this brand. Dahon and Brompton on the market leaders , but you're also talking 3x or 4x the price for these. What was most curious about the Citizen was the lack of information. I couldn't find a single review on bikeforums. The US best shop I know for folding bikes is nycewheels, but they don't carry it. You might give them a call or an email and ask what they recommend in your price range. I can't argue with the Citizen's price, but some things are cheap for a reason.

"do you work for consumers magazine!!!"

Nope. I just work for my wife and sometimes a computer company.

Sent by Dave Wiley | 12:23 PM | 7-11-2008

@dave wiley....thanks so much. jb

Sent by janet | 12:58 PM | 7-11-2008