Woman Finds Python In Washing Machine

From the Portland, Maine, Press Herald:

A Gorham woman got the shock of her life when she found an 8-foot snake mixed in with clothes in her washing machine. The snake, identified as a reticulated python, somehow got into the water pipes of Mara Ranger's 1800s-era farmhouse and slithered into the machine.

After Ranger took her blue jeans out of the machine Wednesday, she reached back into the load and felt something move. "I jumped back and all of sudden its head starts coming out of the washing machine and it looked huge," Ranger told WMTW-TV.



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She should be careful. My python says "Dry Clean Only"

Sent by Nick G | 11:00 AM | 7-18-2008

And, imagine, I only found my cell phone in MY washing machine.

Sent by Hollis | 11:11 AM | 7-18-2008

Funny, my washing machine has 1/2" water hoses connecting it to my water pipes. Must be one skinny python....And by the way, are reticulated pythons native to the Portland area?

Sent by Steve | 2:05 PM | 7-18-2008

I agree with Steve. Something's funny here. At best a water line to the washer is 1/2 to 3/4's inches, hardly big enough for a python 8 feet long and several inches in diameter. And how would it get into the water supply--if the water is from a well, it would be impossible to get through the pump or if on city water, it couldn't get through the meter. Obviously there was a python in the washer, but SOMEBODY PUT IT THERE.

Sent by Freddie | 7:06 PM | 7-18-2008

Yeah, if there's any truth to this at all, it would have to be the drain pipe. Inlets have to go through a valve that an earthworm wouldn't fit through. Probably some irresponsible snake owner flushing their pet!

Sent by Douglas | 6:13 PM | 7-20-2008

however it got there, she will never be able to unload her washing machine again without thinking of this (i know - i can't put boots on without turning them upside down and shaking them: as a child i once found a small rat in my wellington. it took me a lifetime to get out of the habit of checking my boots before putting them on. and my victory over the habit was shortlived - last year i had been visiting a friend and was chatting whilst putting my boots on before i left, when a movement in one of them made me squeal... yes: my friend's cat had given me a present of a mouse. and it had taken shelter in my boot! never again will i NOT check my boots...)

Sent by LA D | 7:42 PM | 7-21-2008

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