Yes, They Do!

I'm basically terrified of flying. A couple of summers ago I was in Portland, Ore., freaking out about getting on a red-eye back to D.C. So I called my Mom. One of the rational, reassuring things she said was: "Lauren, planes don't just fall out of the sky."

So I was feeling pretty good about that until I opened my hotel room door and found the Oregonian on the floor with this headline: "It just fell out of the sky."

The Oregonian was nice enough to send us the image of that front page. If you care about airline safety obsessively like I do, check out this morning's interview with Wall Street Journal reporter Andy Pasztor.



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When I was flying back from Austin last weekend, my friend took two Xanax and a neck pillow on the flight, and then watched HGTV for four hours, all the while making contented dolphin-like noises from within her fluffy neck roll. And this is my prescription for you Lauren. Happy flying!

Sent by Michelle | 1:09 AM | 7-4-2008

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