Donating to International Charities

A number of people have posted questions in the blog's discussion threads about how they can make donations to charities involved in the relief efforts. International charities are just beginning to ramp up their efforts in China, as well as in Myanmar. If you're looking to give money to help these relief activities, we've listed just some of the larger, established international aid organizations to consider:

NPR is not endorsing or vouching for any of these groups. The list is just a starting point for you. There are a number of online tools available for evaluating charities and making donations to a broader range of NGOs, including and



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Thank you. I would add to that list Mercy Corps - they are working with a China partner agency.

Sent by John Helde | 12:52 AM | 5-13-2008

If you or your firm are interested in donating goods or money, we suggest you visit the website of China's Red Cross, China Charity Foundation, Poverty Alleviation Foundation, China Children Teenager Fund and Youth Development Foundation. The Red Cross will have the most immediate need, but the others will be more active on a long term basis

I will continue to update this as local NGOs send me their needs.

Sent by Crossroads | 2:23 AM | 5-13-2008

Hi there,
for those of us who are living in Chengdu but mostly unaffected by the quake, does NPR know if there's anything we can do to offer assistance to the areas harder hit? There are a number of us here who are willing to help but we don't know how to go about it and we don't want to get into the way of professional disaster relief.

Sent by jane | 3:03 AM | 5-13-2008

Consider adding Mercy Corps to your list. Highly rated charity by charity navigator and others with an existing partner and ongoing work in Sichuan province.

Sent by Julia Velson | 3:14 AM | 5-13-2008

If you are in Chengdu, check out the Chengdoo magazine website for ways to help locally:

Cafe Paname is taking donations of food, blankets, water, meds, etc.

Sent by Alyson | 7:04 AM | 5-13-2008

World Vision US also has a project to support survivors after Sichuan earthquake. World Vision US plans to help 107,000 survivors. More detailed information on

Thanks for your concerns.

Sent by Danielle | 7:57 AM | 5-16-2008

Consider Red Cross Society of China (on-line donation link: for your donations.

FYI, the 2 options for "Amount" are: RMB (Chinese currency) and USD. The 3 options for "Payment Method" are: Cash (1st), Transfer (2nd), and Wire (3rd).

Sent by Think Different | 10:25 PM | 5-17-2008

Here's the on-line donation link update for the Red Cross Society of China:

Choose "English" from the upper right tab, then "On-line donation".

Sent by Think Different | 11:46 AM | 5-18-2008