David Gilkey

National Treasures: China's Giant Pandas

Dr. Zhang Zhihe, director of the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda breeding, talks about the role of his institution and the importance of pandas to China. Melissa Block's radio report on the pandas can be heard on All Things Considered.



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Thankyou for this wonderful heartfelt video of the pandas, it is exactly what I needed to see right now. I have been following the tragic events in China and send my thoughts and prayers to all involved at this very tragic time. I will be checking this blog for updates on China's recovery as well as the Panda's

Sent by Darlene Flynn | 5:36 PM | 5-22-2008

Thank you for bring us a glimpse into the simplicy and joy of the giant pandas and of the wisdom of Dr. Zhang Zhihe, in taking in the pure delight and peace one fees observing them. No, not observing them in containment, as in a zoo, but in a habitat which seeks to protect them and allow them to propagate - and thus be their authentically panda-selves -- to continue to amaze us with what can only be called their unspoken but perfectly clear koans on the imporant things of life.

Sent by Johncy mundo | 8:20 PM | 5-22-2008

I can't get enough of the baby cub, cute and playful. no other play mates ? Mom's over protection ? I want to go there too, and hopefully a chance to talk to Dr. Zhang Zhihe. For a brief moment my mind even wandered away from think about the earthquake.

Thank you again for all the wonderfull reports. Take care .

Sent by cz | 11:01 PM | 5-22-2008

how cute they are! With peace and love!

Sent by Jhason Berkowitz | 3:31 AM | 5-23-2008

Giant pandas are living fossil. Thanks to the scientists and researcher in Chengdu research base of giant pandas.
I am looking forward to visiting this base, bless this lovely pandas and the dedicated scientists !

Sent by Dallas | 10:56 AM | 5-23-2008

more pandas

Sent by KEN | 11:05 AM | 5-23-2008

They are the cutest!! Thanks for this wonderful clip.

Sent by jh | 5:23 PM | 5-23-2008

These photos just came out from the breeding base, enjoy

Sent by cz | 7:42 PM | 5-23-2008

I just want express my deep appreciation to Robert Siegel and Melissa Block for their extensive reporting on the China earthquake, I thought they set a perfect example on reporting news that begins and ends with humanity. Thank you very much!

Sent by FlyingWabbit | 2:24 AM | 5-24-2008

God Bless the victims of the quake and their families. The Pandas are wonderful creatures and I can't get enough of watching their playful antics. ADORABLE!

Sent by Jamie | 11:44 AM | 5-24-2008

I just tell them this site "Chengdu Diary" from NPR" but what did they say? http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/2020749/posts Please see every comment.

Sent by zhcn | 2:21 PM | 5-24-2008

Thank you for realizing they are not "just for human being's amusement" And that their way is one to be emulated not just 'studied'.

Sent by Patti Ford | 2:29 PM | 5-24-2008

The Sichuan Giant Panda Sanctuary, a cherished World Heritage site and home to 30% of the world's remaining pandas, was damaged by the quake.
Aid teams working in the area need help to be most effective in their efforts to save the pandas and restore access to the sites. Check out the online campaign that Friends of World Heritage, a grassroots initiative created by the United Nations Foundation with Expedia, Inc. (NASDAQ: EXPE) and UNESCO's World Heritage Centre, has created to raise awareness and funds to help. To learn more, visit www.friendsofworldheritage.org

Sent by Friends of World Heritage | 10:43 AM | 6-2-2008


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