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NPR China Earthquake Slideshow

Here's an overview of our coverage of the May 12, 2008 Sichuan earthquake. Hear audio and see pictures by NPR hosts, reporters and producers:

A look back at NPR coverage of the May 12, 2008 earthquake. Photos by NPR staff hide caption

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This was AMAZING--thanks so much for telling such elegant, truthful stories behind the earthquake.

Sent by Amy | 10:18 PM | 6-19-2008

Powerful. I was supposed to go to Chengdu on June 7th but the American gov't strongly advised that we not go due to the conditions there. This slideshow makes me wish that we were there.

Sent by marge | 8:35 PM | 6-20-2008

Nice summary. Thanks.

Sent by Beverly Peng | 12:45 PM | 6-22-2008

Don't know whether it was fortunate or not fortunate the NPR Chengdu team was caught right in the middle of such a great disaster in human history. Nevertheless, all the appeciation goes to the team for the wonderful coverage - will the team be able to go to Chengdu again in the years to come?

Sent by John | 9:33 PM | 6-25-2008

Thank you so much for your coverage. It has really touched my heart.

Sent by Joanna | 12:10 PM | 6-30-2008

Mournful but beautiful...

Sent by Tao | 2:37 PM | 7-8-2008

Thank you for this moving presentation on the earthquake and its aftermath. You have done an admirable job and are to be commended. I was in Chengdu and Dujiangyan from June 4-7 and have tried to tell the story in my own stories. I feel you have captured so much so well in 5 minutes that I have shared it with my friends, both here and in China.

Sent by Rod Clarken | 1:26 PM | 7-16-2008

As a Red Cross nurse trained in assisting disaster victims, I am familiar with Earthquake relief efforts. Your coverage made me think of how precious each day is as we gather to remember Cheng Du, and pray for the safety of those in recovery. I am from California and I am certain our Haiku's will reflect the same sentiment.

Sent by Terry McElroy | 3:48 PM | 7-27-2008

What an amazing job you did!

Sent by Dan | 3:32 PM | 7-29-2008


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