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Feeling the Pace of Reconstruction

There's been lots in the news about how quickly the Chinese government wants to rebuild and get people into new homes - all rural residents by the end of this year. Today, in a village outside of Mianzhu, we got a feel for how that might be accomplished.

These folks work seven days a week, nine hours a day. The homeowners think they'll be in their houses by summer. Andrea Hsu/NPR hide caption

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Andrea Hsu/NPR

We spent the afternoon on a construction site, and somehow, we were always in the way of someone. First, it was the guys who were piling up bricks within a new foundation. Then it was a guy with a wheelbarrow full of freshly-mixed mortar. Then, two guys carrying a wood plank used to shape a foundation. At one point, getting out of the way of someone hauling something landed my right foot in a deep muddy puddle. Fortunately I was wearing waterproof boots.

In the US, I couldn't imagine walking onto a construction site and hanging out all afternoon. Just one of the many things that makes working in China super interesting.