NPR logo If Twitter Existed In 1963: Follow Live Tweets From Nov. 22

The Kennedy Assassination, 50 Years Later

If Twitter Existed In 1963: Follow Live Tweets From Nov. 22

If you've been on Twitter the past couple of days, you might have stumbled upon tweets from @TodayIn1963. Since June, NPR's Code Switch blog has compiled moments from 1963 — a pivotal year in U.S. history — and is tweeting them as they happened then. The news — and @TodayIn1963 — will spin and spin as bits of history unfold in "real-time."

You'll see reports from NBC, CBS, the UPI and the New York Times as the outlets scrambled to piece together the changes underfoot: The White House will announce John F. Kennedy's death; Lyndon B. Johnson will be sworn in as the 36th president of the United States; Lee Harvey Oswald, the prime suspect in the assassination, will be shot and killed by nightclub owner Jack Ruby on Nov. 24. The tweets go on and on — you'll just have to follow yourself.

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