Buttons supporting U.S. Senator Rand Paul sit on display during a campaign stop in Atkins, Iowa, when he was still in the 2016 race. Bloomberg via Getty Images hide caption

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Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning meets with Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton after an NFL game in Indianapolis in 2011. Manning and Newton will square off in the 50th Super Bowl, in Santa Clara, Calif., on Sunday. The two quarterbacks were No. 1 overall draft picks 13 years apart. AJ Mast/AP hide caption

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Sweetness And Light

Super Bowl 50's Quarterbacks: So Talented And So Different

For Frank Deford, the best football games are those played with two star quarterbacks, because football needs quarterbacks.

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Oh, weird, a street scene in Mumbai where everything isn't covered in neon clouds of dust. Is this really even India? Subhendu Sarkar/LightRocket via Getty Images hide caption

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Ahead of a press conference with Premier Matteo Renzi and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, wooden panels were erected around some Roman statues in Rome's Capitoline Museums. Giuseppe Lami/AP hide caption

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Actor Matt Damon, who stars as NASA Astronaut Mark Watney in the film The Martian, center, makes hand prints in cement at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) Mars Yard in Pasadena, Calif. in Aug. 2015. Damon is shown with Mars Science Lab Project Manager Jim Erickson, left, and NASA Astronaut Drew Feustel. Bill Ingalls/AP hide caption

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A still image from the documentary The Eagle Huntress. The film follows teenager Aisholpan Nurgaiv, the first female in a traditionally male role, as she trains a golden-eagle chick to hunt in Mongolia. Asher Svidensky/Kissaki Films hide caption

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