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I was just listening to NPR, and I hear all these people dissing Cali? Come on. You guys sound bitter. California has beautiful weather, women, and a good variety of places to eat. And the people there are diverse and open-minded... unlike most people here on the East Coast. Stop hatin' on California, haters.

Sent by Anthony | 4:05 PM | 7-7-2008

I was born in Santa Barbara California in 1970 and soon left after my father Graduated from Brooks University. As a struggling student working a variety of jobs for his family to get by, like the janitor in the pathology Dept. in the hospital I was born at, he struggled to rub 2 coins together. Even as broke as my parents were (and they were really broke) they often spoke of how beautiful and free a place California was. Ronald Reagan was Governor then and the world was still changing drastically and I think California held so much promise for freedom, fun and opportunity. As I grew up I never had the urge to return to the place I was born. My husband on the other hand dreamed of one day living in California....a state he LOVES. I conceded to move to Los Angeles with him to help him satisfy this life long "California Dreamin'. I was reluctant and bought into all the usual slanderings I heard growing up on the East coast. Wow was I surprised! It was better than I thought. People were still rude and the cost of living was/is OUTRAGEOUS but it is still beautiful and there is so much to do. The weather alone comes close to transforming someone into a believer. The multi cultural state is a great place to learn about other cultures and implement lifestyles like organic eating, and alternative medicine. Those are harder to find in Moose Poop Idaho I'd say. The cost of living however proved to be too high and the opportunity to dig your own nitch proved way too difficult in a saturated market where everyone is looking for the same thing. We recently relocated to Austin Texas where people are nice, helpful,and the city is creative, motivated and supportive of it's population. O.K. so it takes a little longer to drive to the beach or maybe find a raw restaurant but we can afford a home, perfect our crafts, meet new friends, enjoy a wealth of great music, food, art and activity with less burden and distress. At the end of the day quality of life wins over any California dreams we might have had....Texas dreaming is dreaming come true!

Sent by Zoe Fain | 2:32 PM | 7-14-2008

I highly recommend, The Blue Heron Ranch Cookbook, for your program DayDreaming. Following is a description for your convenience:

Many people dream of living a life that's off the beaten path. The Natali family was able to make this a magical reality. In The Blue Heron Ranch Cookbook, Nadia Natali combines healthy, simple-to-prepare recipes with colorful vignettes describing her family's adventures living in the wilds of California's Los Padres National Forest. Blue Heron Ranch, nestled ten miles north of Ojai, has evolved to include a modest Zen retreat center, which provides the setting for many of the flavorful meals presented in the book. Each section begins with a vivid account of the family's experiences living close to the land. Whimsical, full-color illustrations developed by Natali's daughter Marica highlight the book's distinctive recipes and stories. Written with warmth and sincerity, this unique book will satisfy those who want a peek into the life of living off the grid in the California wilderness.

Sent by Nadia Natali | 8:34 PM | 8-13-2008

Regarding Sarah Palin: I am a 50-y-o woman who is frightened at the prospect of McCain winning the presidency and having her become our president should McCain die in office. Her record on the environment, her rigid anti-abortion stance, her belief that abstinence-only education works (Alaska has a very high rate of teen STD's thanks to their abstinence-only curriculum)...she doesn't want the polar bear listed as endangered because it would hamper drilling in Alaska, she doubts global warming, she is a creationist, she approves the aerial machine-gunning of wolves from helicopters (again, to preserve elk herds and other game for hunters)...this country does NOT need a woman like her in the VP seat. Hilary Clinton was such a different person; I thought it didn't matter "that much" that Obama had chosen Biden, who I like, as the VP candidate. Now I wish so much that he had picked Hilary. I am frankly appalled at the no. of women who think Sarah Palin is just like them. Re her abortion stance, which is that she doesn't believe in it even in cases of pregnancy that result from rape or incest: that is fine if SHE wants to have that view, but if a woman becomes pregnant after rape or incest, I believe a woman should have the right to decide herself about whether or not to terminate that pregnancy. And regarding her teenage daughter's pregnancy, that is fine if people want to be proud that Palin and her husband are standing behind her daughter. Still, a woman does not have to become pregnant just because she is sexually active, and I believe that anyone with teenagers who believes that abstinence-only programs work is seriously deluding themselves. Teens need information on how to protect themselves from unplanned pregnancies as well as STD's. AIDS is still around, lest people forget.

Sent by Patricia Nichols | 3:36 PM | 9-3-2008

Over the years, but especially this year, I have heard many comments about a candidate being female, black etc. These comments are not helping my confidence in American voting standards. We need politicians who are good leaders first. Nothing should obscure that. I am hoping to get a president and vice president who are remarkable. Millions of American men and women have a strong sense of justice, are compassionate, principled, honest and will stand by family regardless of the cost. Many will fight for the welfare and rights of others as much as for themselves, if given the opportunity. Our leaders should also have exceptional forsight and a gift for makeing government work for the welfare of the people. And we need leaders who can can learn with exceptional quickness in our rapidly changing world so they can make good decisions, especially in times of crisis. I am hoping voters will choose leaders who have these qualities regardless of race, color or creed.

Sent by Bob Ruffner | 4:20 PM | 9-3-2008

Regarding the convention politics-

The republican party makes me angry. They are no longer the party of Lincoln, they are the party of Hypocrites. They claim to be pro-life, but that's a code for anti-abortion. How else can you explain it? They have no interest in protecting life, only stopping abortion. If they were truly were pro-life, why would they scuttle a bill to provide health care for children instead of working to get it passed?

And how do you explain the vehement Republican support for war? No matter the intention of a constantly repurposed war, war is not pro-life. It's about killing people.

What about capital punishment? The pro-life government directly pursues killing people as official policy?

And let's skip over a bunch of other things and come to the issue of a Vice-Presidential candidate who has a pregnant teen daughter. If it were a democratic candidate in this situation they would be relentlessly pummeled by every Republican candidate in every election in the nation.

The list is nearly endless- like the new McCain television ads that blame Obama and a gridlocked congress for the record budget deficit, which is the direct result of the Republican president's policy and his rubber-stamp Republican congress.

I'm anxious to see someone point these things out, and can only hope that it will be Democratic candidates. On the other hand, isn't the media also responsible for shouldering some of this burden in a Democracy?

Sent by Mike Bielski | 8:46 AM | 9-4-2008

I'm worried. For years, I've heard
comments that John McCain is hot-headed.
Frequent reports in the news featured
choice words the Senator hurled at
his legislative adversaries. Is anyone
else wondering how his time in the "Hanoi Hilton"- the two years of solitary confinement and ongoing
torture impacts the man who aspires
to be the next leader of the free world?
Post-traumatic stress disorder, you

Sent by Barbara | 9:08 PM | 9-4-2008

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