Alaina Boys' California Dream : Daydreaming In this installment of "What's your California Dream?", Alaina Boys tells of being a California Girl, like the Beach Boys said.
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Alaina Boys' California Dream

Over the last several weeks, we've asked Day to Day listeners to share their vision of the California Dream. Fame, health, satisfaction, blue sky or innovation—what defines your California Dream? Is the economy forcing that dream to change?

We'll be sharing your responses both on-air and here on Daydreaming. In this installment, Alaina Boys tells of being a California Girl, like the Beach Boys said.

I'm a blond, blue eyed female who grew up here in California's Central Valley. (Near Sacramento, the State Capitol no, it's not Los Angeles). I do not have a Valley Girl accent—that refers to the San Fernando Valley, thank you very much.

California is something different. All my life I've been aware of what California is viewed as: a fantasy, an oddity, a selling point. (Just how many "California Style" products are out there?) But it wasn't until I was a California State Parks Guide at the California State Capitol that I really saw what this state is to everyone outside of it. It didn't help I worked in the same building as that famous Governor! People come from literally all over the world to see this crazy state of redwoods and beaches, of famous people and rural agriculture. They all want to meet that "Governator" and want to see that "California Life" — "like in the movies". The first time I had a group of businessmen from another country line up to take a picture with me, it shocked me. Their translator explained: "You're a California Girl, like the Beach Boys said."

I love this state with a passion. It really can offer that life you see on TV—I know, because I see that life, all the time. Its history is insane, ruthless and practically unbelievable. Its beauty is unsurpassed. Its power is awesome. Though the prices are the highest in the nation and it practically takes three jobs to live here, why does California have the most people out of all the states? Ask many a Californian about this. They'll tell you, yes, it's super expensive here and the state is constantly out of money, but why move elsewhere? This is California.

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