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What's Your CA Dream?

Doug Crane's Dream of Weather


photo by Doug Crane

Over the last several weeks, we've asked Day to Day listeners to share their vision of the California Dream. Fame, health, satisfaction, blue sky or innovation—what defines your California Dream? Is the economy forcing that dream to change?

We'll be sharing your responses both on-air and here on Daydreaming. In this installment, Doug Crane explains that the magic word is "weather:" beautiful blue sky and warm sun that existed to dispel any doubts about the day, your life, or the world outlook.

For those that have never been to California, they should go to experience it. For those that have gone and stayed, the magic will always outweigh the reality. For those that have gone and left, the magic will always be revered—but it can be replaced.

Because of its size and scope, California will never be easily describable. But one can almost guarantee that most conversations about why people choose to live there begin with and end with the mention of the beautiful weather.

What I remember from my time in California is the beautiful blue sky and warm sun that existed to dispel any doubts about the day, your life, or the world outlook. Pessimism could be burned away as easily as the "June Gloom". Feeling good and upbeat was as infectious in CA as a cold was in the never ending winter of the East.

We lived in CA from 1999 to May of 2006, and I can tell you even that though we were moving back East to be closer to family, it was awfully hard to pull up stakes.

To make it easier on us to give up the CA dream my wife and I decided before we left to purchase a small slice of what we thought often felt like heaven on earth, the beautiful beach experience. Not being wealthy we purchased a time share down in Newport Beach with gorgeous ocean views and access to a nearby beach graced by elegant tall dunes. The pictures I have enclosed are from our last week in CA, where we spent the time playing and storing up as much of the beauty as we could.

Surprisingly, despite the poor air quality, the fires, the mud slides, the possibility of drought, the massive amounts of people, the traffic that was impossible to predict (other than there was always too much) I believe most residents would confirm they can't imagine living elsewhere. That is the true magic of California.

If you'd like to share your California Dream, use the contact page provided here.