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Turns out iconic LA Lakers fan, actor, and man-about-town Jack Nicholson can add another notch to the lengthy, belt-like record of his achievements: Green Automotive Visionary. According to this snazzy, super-70s clip from Canada's national public broadcaster, the CBC, Jack was touting futuristic hydrogen-powered cars decades before the Governator retrofitted his Hummers. Check it out:

Too good to be true, heh? Although Jack's investment in that hydrogen-fuel company doesn't seem to have panned out, it is actually possible for Angelenos to fill up on the "H." As we recently reported, a West Los Angeles Shell station is now serving up hydrogen along with gasoline.

Special thanks to Day to Day listener Dirk Neely from Los Angeles for that YouTube link.

And Jack: if you're reading this blog (and we know you are!) tell us what happened to that '78 Chevy! Send us a comment, or come on the show. We're waiting patiently...