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What's Your CA Dream?

Susan Lindau's California Dream


photo provided by Susan Lindau

Over the last several weeks, we've asked Day to Day listeners to share their vision of the California Dream. Fame, health, satisfaction, blue sky or innovation—what defines your California Dream? Is the economy forcing that dream to change?

We'll be sharing your responses both on-air and here on Daydreaming. In this installment, Susan Lindau recalls working towards a California dream that involved being a chef for people (Hollywood types) with special dietary needs. Cooking for people is just another form of social work/therapy!

With the sounds of the Mammas and the Pappas providing the soundtrack for my dream, I packed my sleek, black cat and my vision, and moved to California to join the wave of female film makers just bursting on the scene. That dream manifest in many, amusing, challenging and even disappointing adventures.

Among the most entertaining aspects of the pursuit of my dream was working as a location manager for an "X" rated production for a cable network. What fun searching for the precise bathroom for that titillating shower scene!

The photo demonstrates one of the skills I used to support myself in pursuit of my California Dream: I was a chef for people (Hollywood types) with special dietary needs and I worked for several caterers at MAJOR Hollywood parties. Cooking for people is just another form of social work/therapy! The difference is that the clients usually pay because they know they can't eat without paying the cook.

Needless to say, as much fun as I had with my movie assignments and cooking, I was not being paid enough to meet the costs of cat food and gas.Thus, with my MSW in hand, I left my resume at one of the largest health care agencies in Los Angeles. I received a call the next day and was hired, on the telephone, as a social worker. The rest is history. I continue to be peripherally involved with "the industry" as the "Therapist of Last Resort". Many of my clients come to me after struggling for years with the sadness and rejection of seeking the California Dream.

If you'd like to share your California Dream, use the contact page provided here.