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An ode to Shereen Meraji by Steve Proffitt

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Friday Pot Blogging

D2D California Dreaming Series

Friday Pot Blogging

Monday's California Dreaming segment will be all about California's curious pot culture, where those in need have been able to legally procure marijuana from state licensed dispensaries for over a decade. To get you in the mood, we did a search of Youtube for "weed pot ganja white widow california thai stick" and this is what we found.

1 - What is a marijuana dispensary? - 90 seconds of everything you ever wanted to know but were afraid to ask. We don't vouch for the legality or accuracy of this information, and that WAS NOT us picking up our prescription in the background.

An ode to Shereen Meraji by Steve Proffitt

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2 - Medical Marijuana Vending Machine - Surely, somewhere in California, there must be a drive-thru dispensery a la the drive-thru liquor stores you occasionally encounter in the South and Southwest.

3 - Larry David gets high - We love Larry David. There are actually better clips of this episode available, but we think the scan-line look produced by shooting a video screen with a video camera is appropriate to the material.

4 - Pot bust gone wrong! - Not a California story, but paranoia knows no borders.

5 - Can you name the largest cash crop in California?

6 - Your brain on pot, watching pot.

Have a good one! And a special, Daydreaming shout-out to NPR summer intern Sarah Whites-Koditschek, who found these videos for us on her last day of work. Best of luck, Sarah!



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If California marijuana medicine dispensaries are being abused by dubious "patients" I feel the percentage is likely to be no greater than the number of people getting legal pharmacy medications for pain, anxiety, mood disorders and who abuse these medicines. Such patients are often too quickly diagnosed by physicians under managed care guidelines to see patients in a tight time frame. I have met many people who use marijuana for severe pain, PTSD, depression, mild bipolar, other mood disorders and ADD. They have been referred to me by the courts for "treatment" following legal charges being adjudicated for illegal possession.
The marijuana abusers have a much easier time changing their behavior than those abusing any other drug/medication. Marijuana seems to successfully manage many peoples symptoms, dosing is easier to titrate, and has a shorter length of time to leave their system if they don't like the feeling or side effects. Their are legitimate concerns about the effects of chronic marijuana use, particularly among younger people. But none of these issues belong in a court of law--they belong in the education, medical and mental health service professionals jurisdiction.
The current federal administration has systematically refused to look at this issue, as is more common in other democracies, from a "Public Health" perspective that engages harm reduction models. Rather they perpetuate a "Moral/Legal" perspective because that appeases the limited black and white thinking of a vocal voting block of conservatives. It will never change until Americans are encouraged to educate themselves about this as a global issue. Many communities around the world are experimenting with alternative roles for health care verses government policies. Thanks for putting this issue out again although it seems easier for most media to make "stoner" caricatures rather than addressing the serious harm of imprisonment and long term felony, or even misdemeanor convictions, on peoples record.

Sent by Andrew | 2:54 PM | 8-18-2008

While I do not choose to use it, I know 2 people (one bi-polar, the other with severe arthritis) who are able to function only because they have access to marijuana (illegal where I live.) One can only hope that eventually the rest of the country will follow California's enlightened lead, and perhaps we move on to really pressing issues - child abuse, preserving the environment, the shameless number of homeless in America.

Sent by Kathi | 3:22 PM | 8-18-2008

Having spent most of July in Trinity County CA on wildfires I can tell you from experience these are not your mom & pop old hippies growing a couple of plants for personal use. They are highly sophisticated in plumbing and stealing public waters on public land to grow a product that adds nothing to American society. We had to back off from booby traps and potentially armed mercenaries. With the amount of dollars at stake some of the slimiest of society are putting us at risk. Pot is no different then alcohol? - hardly a ringing endorsement. What happens in CA should stay in CA.

Sent by Not a Bible Thumper | 4:03 PM | 8-18-2008