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Interviews 50 Cents

My friend and colleague Alex Chadwick is a talented guy. He might be the best writer at NPR. He's an excellent still photographer. And occasionally he has a really, really good idea.

Interviews 50 Cents is one of them. It's so simple. Set up a card table, with a cigar box on it, and put up a sign that says, "Interviews 50 Cents." Then see what happens.

Over the years, Alex has created a body of work around this concept. And he's stepped outside his normal comfort zone - radio - to present these as little video vignettes. Some were shown on ABC-TV, and most recently, they've been seen at Slate's video site, SlateV.

They're really good, and worth watching. People reveal the most amazing things. Plus, you get to actually SEE that guy you've been hearing on the radio for so long.

You can find more Interviews 50 Cents here.