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Not Quite Mindless Speculation

This is a slow news day... we're struggling to figure out what to do with the show. Which led to the following, not-quite-mindless speculation with a source who is not me and who shall go nameless.

Barack Obama has decided on his VP candidate, who is going to be a big surprise.

"You're crazy," I told my confidant.

"Who does he lose?" came the reply. "The 'we-won't-vote-for-a-black-man' element is already gone. He gets vets and great national security creds. And gravitas."

"Okay," I said, "but what about the anti-Iraq Democrats? Aren't they going to hold a little grudge?"

"All you need is one speech: 'I was misled by the neo-cons.' And don't forget, he was basically fired by the Bushies. I hear he likes Obama, and might have said so more publicly already, except that he is also old friends with McCain. This could be it."

Well, this could be it. Or this could be the weekend ravings of a man just back from the swamps of Louisiana. I think there's something in the water.

I'm talking with my anonymous source on the show today. Anyone got any better ideas?