Sajedur Rahman's California Dream : Daydreaming In this installment of What's your California Dream?, Sajedur Rahman says: thank god for Cali!
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Sajedur Rahman's California Dream

Over the last several weeks, we've asked Day to Day listeners to share their vision of the California Dream. Fame, health, satisfaction, blue sky or innovation—what defines your California Dream? Is the economy forcing that dream to change?

We'll be sharing your responses both on-air and here on Daydreaming. In this installment, Sajedur Rahman says: thank god for Cali!

This has always just been an amazing place, ever since the Gold Rush of the 19th Century when flocks of people came from all over the world to pick up their share of fortune. To me, that's part of why it's called the GOLDEN State!

True to its name, California has delivered tremendous growth and wealth to all the immigrants that have sought better opportunities and the "American dream." California has delivered that dream for ages now.

This is the 5th largest economy in the world, [Editor's note: well, it has varied over the years from 6th and 8th according to the State's own measurements, but still huge!] and it is still strong. But with economic woes on the horizon, some people are questioning how long the Golden State can keep delivering on its promise to the people who come here more recently for their own private "gold rush."

Just being in California is a great blessing in itself from the Almighty because of the beautiful and bountiful nature and scenic beauty the state holds. Oceans, deserts, trees, dates, fruits and what not... It's just amazing the bounties the almighty god has provided to this land, and this gift calls for a lot of gratitude to our Creator.

On top of all that nature, California has Silicon Valley and other business hubs, as well as some of the best universities in the world. I think I am really fortunate to be here, and California reminds me every day of how much more thankful I need to be to our creator for all the mercy and bounties I have been provided with. Alhamdulliah! Or: thanks be to god!

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