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Sugar, Spice, Pronouncers, and Everything Nice

95%... that's my male rating on this deeply, deeply flawed measure. For those of you who know my co-host only from the radio, I can assure you that Madeleine is way more than 23% female. High 50's, easily.

We check so many of the same sites, I'm not sure why our scores aren't more similar. I think I check Drudge more often than Maddy—I go there almost every day. Apparently it's testosterone-drenched.

Also Macrumors. I'm thinking of a new laptop in the next few months.

But why does a Mac fan site run the same manliness factor as a right-wing rant box? Well - they're both full of items that aren't necessarily true. At least the Mac site acknowledges it.

We're getting ready for the show as I type up this entry. Madeleine is running me through a pronunciation exercise: The President of Georgia is named Mikhail Saakashvili (sah-kahsh-VEE'-lee). And it's not just Ossetia, the break-away Georgia province that may be triggering war between Russia and Georgia. It's SOUTH Ossetia, she insists. Telling your co-host what to do, is that manly or womanly? Or is it just a particular journalist?

Wait...she just rewrote the intro to our live interview with our correspondent in Tiblisi, Lawrence Sheets, so I don't have to say the name anymore.