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95%... that's my male rating on this deeply, deeply flawed measure. For those of you who know my co-host only from the radio, I can assure you that Madeleine is way more than 23% female. High 50's, easily.

We check so many of the same sites, I'm not sure why our scores aren't more similar. I think I check Drudge more often than Maddy—I go there almost every day. Apparently it's testosterone-drenched.

Also Macrumors. I'm thinking of a new laptop in the next few months.

But why does a Mac fan site run the same manliness factor as a right-wing rant box? Well - they're both full of items that aren't necessarily true. At least the Mac site acknowledges it.

We're getting ready for the show as I type up this entry. Madeleine is running me through a pronunciation exercise: The President of Georgia is named Mikhail Saakashvili (sah-kahsh-VEE'-lee). And it's not just Ossetia, the break-away Georgia province that may be triggering war between Russia and Georgia. It's SOUTH Ossetia, she insists. Telling your co-host what to do, is that manly or womanly? Or is it just a particular journalist?

Wait...she just rewrote the intro to our live interview with our correspondent in Tiblisi, Lawrence Sheets, so I don't have to say the name anymore.



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"Control freak" is gender neutral

Sent by Madeleine | 12:44 PM | 8-8-2008

Several of my female friends and I have taken to saying that we are male on those online registration forms. Why? Because we got so tired of getting demeaning advertising - beautiful women shriveling into lizard-like shrews over and over again. We got tired of weight loss products, pictures of older women living in pain, etc. Once we switched our identities to male, we started getting interesting useful advertising: information on investing, information on humanitarian efforts in Darfur, etc. The pictures of aging men? They are happily chasing butterflies with grandchildren, nice looking pictures of Lance Armstrong, etc. The only disgusting ads: enticements to date women who look like they are teenagers. We are middle-aged "men" after all. Sad.

The New York Times thinks we're male by the way.

Sent by Pat | 1:39 PM | 8-8-2008