D2D California Dreaming Series

And The California Dreaming Winner Is ....

Quinn Kiesow
Courtesy Quinn Kiesow

We wanted a grand finale for Day to Day's California Dreaming series, so we asked artists to send their musical takes on the California Dream. Among the dozens of submissions, one track stood out from the rest because of its unique approach; the instruments are urban sounds.

Quinn Kiesow, 25, created his entry Los Angeles, entirely out of noises he recorded in that city. The track follows him through a day in L.A., from a construction site to a coffee shop, past kids on skate boards, chirping birds and whistling pedestrians. He blends the click-clack of a woman's high heels, the swoosh of a public bus' brakes and the thrash of a jack-hammer to make music.

This morning, Alex Chadwick and Madeleine Brand speak with him on Day to Day.You can find the interview here, along with full versions of his sound-songs of Los Angeles, Barcelona, Madrid and New York.

In his submission entry, he wrote that though his California dream may not have panned out the way he had hoped when he first left Wisconsin, he's found a place that inspires him to "actually do the things I want to do." Ultimately, he finds this "less glamorous" but "more fulfilling than I could have ever expected."

And if you sent in your favorite California song of all-time — we didn't forget you! We got so many submissions that it was hard to pick the top five. But we did it. Our (unscientific) formula: if song was nominated tons of times or was just plain amazing it had a good chance of making it on the list. Here you go with comments and in some cases — listening instructions.



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What town in Wisconsin does Quinn Kiesow hail from?

Karen in Wisconsin

Sent by Karen Peterson | 2:03 PM | 9-3-2008

Where can I hear Quinn Kiesow music?


Sent by martin | 2:15 PM | 9-3-2008

What a letdown not to be able to hear Quinn Kiesaw's L.A. without his voiceover.

Sent by Not available | 4:45 PM | 9-3-2008


I'm from Horicon! It's the city on the Marsh. And you can hear my music online at www.myspace.com/quinnkiesow

I will upload the LA track with NO VOCALS within the next two days. Thanks for your comments!


Sent by quinn kiesow | 1:04 PM | 9-4-2008

I really like the winning entry in the California Dreaming contest. For all those interested, there is a VW Golf commercial that is similar, with the sounds pieced together by Paul Hartnoll of Orbital. You can watch the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_56vWaaCxjg

Sent by Phil Nagy | 1:29 PM | 9-5-2008

Interesting for what it is, but it's more dystopia than the CA dream.

I like the first some and want to hear more of it.

Sent by Jody | 7:06 PM | 9-5-2008

My song "California" was heard briefly on the show -- if you'd like to hear the whole song, please check out http://www.myspace.com/ghosttownla

Sent by Frank San Filippo | 2:32 AM | 9-6-2008

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