Really, Bartender, Just ONE More Round

I'll have another round

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Alex sent Madeleine and me an email the other night. It was some sort of script he'd written, probably late at night. We didn't quite know what to make of it.

Yesterday, he came to my desk and said, "Come on, let's go to the studio."

He sat down and recorded what he'd written, something that was...well, quite unusual. It's about an obsession - one that seems to have overtaken the press corps, and maybe the nation as a whole.

"Fix it up," he told me. "A little music, some effects."

And so I did. It's a little too odd to put on the radio, maybe. But it shows a creative side of Mr. Chadwick that he doesn't often reveal. So we're putting it up here. Take a listen. If you love it, hate it, or couldn't care less, click on that comments link and let us know.



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Wow, Palin is driving Alex to hit the sauce? Possibly more than he brushes his teeth? Relax Alex, she's not that bad. Maybe she is? Yeah she is. Maybe I need a drink?
Either way...I like you getting all "Tom Waits" on us...keep it up.

Sent by John | 12:35 PM | 9-11-2008

love you, Alex, but stick to what you're so very good at, hosting a terrific radio show that I love to listen to every morning . . . extra credit for the effort though ;)

Sent by Barbara Caplan-Bennett | 12:53 PM | 9-11-2008

sorry alex, i didn't get it, maybe it was poor sound quality.

Sent by c. toomay | 1:58 PM | 9-11-2008

A little off beat but your heart is in the right place. Imagine all the politicians and celebrities who never would have been if the American public and it's media were not addicted to hype. Will NPR facilitate an intervention? I think not.

Sent by Mark | 2:00 PM | 9-11-2008

It was.........different...I didn't hate it...

Sent by Rita | 2:33 PM | 9-11-2008

I loved it...being in Anchorage...I'm drinking virtually right with you Alex...but I'm calling a cab and saying "No more rounds of Sarah bartender"

Sent by Mindy | 3:24 PM | 9-11-2008

hilarious. i can't stop either. she's poison. but i can't stop.

Sent by kirsten foster | 3:59 PM | 9-11-2008

I am confus-ed. Are you satirizing the media who allegedly obsess over Ms. Palin or the claim by some that the media are obsessing over Ms. Palin or ...? It's so hard!

Sent by Stewart Palilonis | 4:28 PM | 9-11-2008

I was moved to guffaw spontaneously. I wanted more...of you, I mean; but if I hear her say, "...Thanks but no thanks!" one more time...

Sent by Kristi Jo | 6:36 PM | 9-11-2008

LOVED it. We don't often get to hear any other side of our favourite NPR personalities! i had a suspicion about Alex' wicked sense of humour, but never knew he could act. Well done. And, the blog is a perfect place for this kind of stuff...kind of like bonus commentaries on DVDs!

Sent by venus | 7:08 PM | 9-11-2008

I can't believe I heard one of those NPR voices I think of as old friends say the word: "A-hole." Yipes! Steve was right, it wasn't right for the radio but I loved hearing it. Just goes to show the lengths Ms. Palin can drive a good man to. Seriously, it's my opinion that without competition and conflict (in this case regarding the presidental race) you journalists would have a hard time keeping the public's attention. You need the ratings, so I can see while you're all getting addicted to ole Sarah. Time for a Palin-Anon meeting!!!

Sent by Rachel Forester | 12:47 AM | 9-13-2008

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