Hot in Heels : Daydreaming Dancing in ridiculously high heels
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Hot in Heels

Jolie Myers, NPR

Last week I showed up at Crunch Gym in Los Angeles to document a milestone in reporter (and former Day to Day staffer) Shereen Meraji's life.

Shereen in Heels
Jolie Myers, NPR

She was going to learn how to dance in stilettos as part of a story she was doing about this new, high fashion trend. I would take pictures from the safety of my flat, sensible sandals.

I recalled an experience years ago, when I literally took a total of three steps in needle-thin heels before writing them off as torture forever. So the prospect of shimmying, shaking and yes, dropping it like it's hot, in sexy spikes sent shivers down my spine.

So here's to you, Ms. Meraji, and your patent leather peep toes. You're a braver lady than I.

Oh, and if you missed it, here's Shereen's stiletto story.