NPR logo Inmates' 'Legal Pleasures': From Strippers To Golf


Inmates' 'Legal Pleasures': From Strippers To Golf

What do inmates who have spent more than ten years in prison most look forward when they get on the outside? Inmates at Airway Heights Corrections Center in Spokane, Washington created a list in a workshop called "re-constructing yourself." The requirement: the participants in the class had to have spent at least 10 years or half their adult life in prison and the items on the list were supposed to be "legal pleasures."

Some of the highlights:

*Toilet alone
*Talking with real people
*Eating when you want to
*Walking in woods
*Working on bike
*Not hearing "cell in"
*Hot bubble bath
*Jumping on waterbed
*Being a kid again
*Go to animal shelter
*Books on tape
*Blues festivals
*Independent choices
*Home-cooked meal
*Wrestle with kids
*Circuit City
*Sunrise — no razor wire
*Flirting with women
*Sports without politics — for fun
*Climbing trees
*Talk radio
*Looking at houses