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Bailout Now?

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A month ago, we put out a call for listeners to share their "real economy" stories. Nearly 200 people filled out this survey and told us what their biggest concerns were. We asked people to rate their confidence in their financial situation on a scale of 1-5 with 1 as very confident and 5 as very worried. The average response was right in the middle — a 3.

Since then, we've had some of these listeners on the air. (You can hear all the interviews here.) Danielle Rodgers of Mahtowa, Minn., one of 14 listeners who said they were a 5, told us that she's not sure how she and her sick husband can keep up with the costs of maintaining a 400-acre farm.

Nathan Bell of Signal Mountain, Tenn., also a 5, shared a song on our show called, "What Did You Do Today?" Having recently lost his job as a manager at AT&T, he said, "It's a slippery fast slope down ... I don't see a realistic end."

A month, a new president-elect and many failed businesses later, we are wondering if you are feeling better or worse about the economy.

If you are yet to share your story, please fill out the questionnaire here and we'll get in touch soon. If you already filled out our survey, please post your comments below and let us know how your response has changed.