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Sleeveface Update


Last week, we introduced you to Carl Morris, a DJ living in Cardiff Wales, who likes to spend his time Sleevefacing. For those of you who missed the interview, the sleeve in sleevefacing refers to an album sleeve or cover. Years ago, Morris held a Paul McCartney album up to his face and a friend took a picture. They found the picture funny - and thus a trend was born.

Carl and his buddy John Rostron have taken countless Sleeveface pictures - they've even put out a book featuring some of their favorite shots.

We here at NPR West were so inspired, we took some of our own Sleeveface pics and we asked our listeners to give it a try.

Check out what John Tynan sent us! I especially like the one with the accordion!

And listener Cristen Carey sent us her sleeveface efforts.

Kenny Sleeveface
Cristen Carey

We hope this inspires you to get creative with your album collection. So get out your old LP covers, and your new-fangled digital camera, and email us a few shots.