Shades of D.B. Cooper? : Daydreaming That missing investment advisor's big airplane stunt
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Shades of D.B. Cooper?

Today on the program, a little discussion of one of the most curious stories in the news this week - the tale of an investment advisor/stunt pilot who apparently tried to fake his own death.

Federal marshals are searching for Marcus Schrenker, a 38 year-old Indiana businessman.

Sunday night, Schrenker reported that the windshield on his single-engine Piper Malibu had imploded and that he was bleeding. Authorities believe he jumped from the plane somewhere over Alabama. The Piper continued flying on auto-pilot and crashed in a Florida panhandle swamp not far from a residential area.

Then, Monday morning, police in Childersburg, Alabama say a man with Schrenker's driver's license told them he'd been involved in a canoeing accident. They took him to a local hotel. When they learned of the crash, they returned to the hotel, but Schrenker had disappeared.

Last week Schrenker, whose wife recently filed for divorce, was on the losing end of a more than half million dollar judgment brought by an insurance company who claimed Schrenker bilked them on commissions for annuity or insurance plans.

But here's what you really want to see. The investment advisor/pilot flying under a pair of bridges in the Bahamas. The video, via Youtube, features some cheesy music, and the camera remains focused on Schrenker. But the money shot is about 2:30 in, when you see the two bridges pass by behind him.