NPR logo From Marriage To Mayhem: The 'Deceptive Cadence' Valentine's Day Puzzler

Valentine's Day

From Marriage To Mayhem: The 'Deceptive Cadence' Valentine's Day Puzzler

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Love isn't all roses and chocolates.


Go on any social networking site, and you'll see the fickle winds of love blowing all over the place. One day someone has a sweetheart, the next day he or she is single.

What's up with that? According to myth, true love means you instantly live happily ever after. But it rarely plays out that way in real life. Anyone who's been in love, or even been on a date, can attest to that. For every teddy bear holding a heart, there are probably a dozen betrayals, suicides or even murders. At least when it comes to opera.

Whatever its quirks (and happily there are many), opera is uniquely adept at portraying the extremes of passion, despair and unbridled rage love can induce. Sure, opera has its share of Cinderella stories with Prince Charming endings, but overall, when it comes to love, opera is far more fair and balanced than Hollywood movies or Harlequin novels.

So for our Valentine's Day puzzler, we're using opera to represent the entire spectrum of amorous emotions — from ecstasy to misery. There's a tense moment when two women discover they're involved with the same man. There's a man who loved his lady so much, he just had to kill himself with her husband's borrowed pistols. From marriage to mayhem, it's all here.

Your job is to match the music to the moment. Simply click on any of the six operatic clips below, and drag the clip to the picture you think best suits the music. If you fail, try again — because that's what love is all about.