The Summer Opera Drinking Puzzler : Deceptive Cadence Test your taste for drinks and love for opera in this interactive puzzler.
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The Summer Opera Drinking Puzzler

Few operatic tipplers enjoy hoisting a tankard of wine more than the title character in Verdi's Falstaff. Patrick Riviere/Getty Images hide caption

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Patrick Riviere/Getty Images

We're all told it's important to stay hydrated with plenty of water — not only in the summer heat, but throughout the year.

However, no one in the opera world seems to have gotten the message. Because when characters in opera raise a glass to their lips, they're almost always quaffing alcohol of one kind or another. Yes, there's the occasional teetotaler or poison drinker, but mostly people in opera are boozing it up. Not a good way to stay hydrated.

The interactive puzzler below offers a two-pronged diversion to our mid-August ennui. For those who imbibe but know little about opera, you could devise your own drinking game with friends. And for those true opera geeks (alas, often without companions) it's a test of your operatic chops.

In any case, listen to the short opera excerpt then drag it to the image of the appropriate beverage. Extra points if you can name the character in the opera and why they're drinking what they are.

And remember, please enjoy in moderation.