For the latest installment of Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed series, set in Colonial America, the hooded main character is part Mohawk. The company brought in a Mohawk consultant and hired a Native actor to play the role. Courtesy of Ubisoft hide caption

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Cray employees put the finishing touches on Titan at the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee. The supercomputer may be the world's fastest. It's designed to do 20 petaflops — or 20,000 trillion calculations — each second. It consumes enough electricity to power a small city of 9,000 people. Courtesy of Nvidia hide caption

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Before and after: The iMut8r app brings out the inner zombie in children of all ages. Glenn McDonald for NPR hide caption

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In much of America, the availability of online video is often frustrated by slow broadband speeds. In this 2011 photo, Valerie Houde waits for a dial-up Internet connection in East Burke, Vt. Andy Duback/AP hide caption

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Before Steve Silverman helped Google build its new Trekker, he built cameras for NASA to photograph the surface of Mars. Silverman says the Trekker is built to survive in intense conditions. It will boot up at 10 below zero Celsius or at 110 Fahrenheit. It will even work after being fully submerged in water. Steve Henn/NPR hide caption

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A visitor looks at a bank of TV screens at a consumer electronics show in Berlin. While TV and movies are available on many devices, consumers often struggle to find exactly what they want, television critic Eric Deggans says. Adam Berry/Getty Images hide caption

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A couple talks to a salesman about buying a color TV set. Over the years, televisions have evolved to include color, high-definition and 3-D models. H. Armstrong Roberts/ClassicStock/Corbis hide caption

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