Participants, led by facilitator Eddie Pitchford (center), form the Chain of Unity at the conclusion of the meeting. "God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change," they chant. Jun Tsuboike/NPR hide caption

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Harrelle Felipa with five of his children and a granddaughter. Jennifer Ludden/NPR hide caption

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Tourists wait to visit the Louvre as it reopens in Paris on Monday. As the city tries to recover from Friday's attacks, people who planned to travel there seem to be conflicted about whether to go. Xy Jinquan/Xinhua/Landov hide caption

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., at the National Press Club Wednesday. Warren was critical of President Obama's plan to change how U.S. multinational companies are taxed. Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP hide caption

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The average wholesale price of turkeys was $1.35 per pound in mid-November. But the retail price of frozen tom turkeys has fallen to an average of 87 cents a pound. Why? Because grocers know cheap turkeys draw customers into the store. Larry Crowe/AP hide caption

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Lydia Smith stands in the kitchen of her home in the Westlake neighborhood of Los Angeles. She has lived in this apartment for 46 years, and now that she is on a fixed income, she pays rent with the aid of Section 8 tenant-based assistance. Megan Miller for NPR hide caption

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Adam Livneh speaks to a classmate in his sixth-grade Spanish class. All of the students use the language learning app Duolingo on their laptops. Since students enter the school with varying language abilities, they are able to start the program at a level tailored to them. Roxanne Turpen for NPR hide caption

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