Farmer Alan Madison fills a seed hopper with Monsanto hybrid seed corn near Arlington, Illinois, U.S. A group of organic and other growers say they're concerned they'll be sued by Monsanto if pollen from seeds like these drift onto their fields. Daniel Acker/Landov hide caption

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Rancher Randy Thompson is fighting to keep the Keystone XL pipeline from being built in Nebraska. Guy Raz/NPR hide caption

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Rancho Corral de Tierra Park in Northern California recently became part of the National Parks System. Now dogs are required to be on leash, angering some community members. Amy Standen/KQED hide caption

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Women's Correctional Community Center inmate Lilian Hussein checks on ti leaves she planted as part of the prison's farming and gardening program in Kailua, Hawaii. The green ti leaves are often used to wrap food or weave into leis. Jennifer Sinco Kelleher/AP hide caption

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Members of the Earth Liberation Front were charged with arson in the 2001 Superior Lumber Co. fire in Glendale, Ore. Roy Milburn hide caption

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A family of bears investigates a Dumpster behind a diner in Pomona, N.Y., last fall. Black bears are becoming more common in populated areas around the United States. Eddy Philippe/AP hide caption

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Designed and built on Marcin Jakubowski's farm, this tractor cost far less than a commercial tractor. Jon Kalish/NPR hide caption

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Artist Christo finances his projects by selling design drawings like this one, a preparatory sketch for the Over the River project on Colorado's Arkansas River. Wolfgang Volz/Copyright Christo 2007 hide caption

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The Japanese whaling vessel Yushin Maru No. 2 shoots its water cannons at a Sea Shepherd craft during an altercation on Feb. 12, 2012. The photo was released by the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Billy Danger/AP hide caption

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