The Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 will monitor carbon dioxide emissions. jhoward/NASA/JPL hide caption

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Juan de La Cruz operates a drilling rig that is probing for groundwater 2,500 feet beneath Fresno County. Sasha Khokha for NPR hide caption

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Over the past century and a half, visitors have traveled through Yosemite on foot, by carriage, by tram and by car. Now some regions will be once again be accessible only by foot, to protect delicate regions of the park. Courtesy Yosemite National Park Research Library/KQED hide caption

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Linc Energy has installed 44 monitoring wells at its proposed test site near Wright, Wyo., to establish baseline water quality. Stephanie Joyce for NPR hide caption

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Former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson says he hopes a new study can influence the business community by applying the science of risk management. iStockphoto hide caption

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For homes near the Hague River in downtown Norfolk, flooding is now a regular event. On a calm day, at high tide, the water laps just inches from the top of the barrier. Yuki Noguchi/NPR hide caption

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Since the water wheel began churning in May, it has removed 40 tons of trash from Baltimore's Inner Harbor. Clearwater Mills LLC hide caption

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Although the FDA seems to have backed off, farmers and brewers are still nervous about the FDA's rule, which will be proposed again at the end of summer. Shelly Pope/KQED hide caption

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