Part of the reconstructed Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 plane is seen prior to the presentation of the Dutch Safety Board final report on what caused the Boeing 777 to break up high over eastern Ukraine last year. Peter Dejong/AP hide caption

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Mustafa Abdul Saleh (at right front), a 20-year-old Kurd from Syria, confers with a Kurdish interpreter (left), during his trial in Szeged, Hungary. Saleh passed through a hole in the razor wire fence that Hungary has built on its border with Serbia. Breaching the fence is a criminal offense, and Saleh was expelled from Hungary and ordered back into Serbia. Lauren Frayer for NPR hide caption

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Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, seen here in a teleconference last month, has been under a constant police guard outside Ecuador's London embassy since June of 2012. Juan Mabromata/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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About 20 people wave anti-immigrant placards and flags at a Jobbik rally last Tuesday in Szentgotthárd, a rural factory town near Hungary's border with Austria. Lauren Frayer for NPR hide caption

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Syrian Basel Esa, 23, sits in the grass behind a gas station near the Hungary-Serbia border, rapping into an NPR microphone. The amateur rapper fled his home in Raqqa two years ago and lived in Turkey before deciding to go to Europe. He raps about war, survival and the smugglers that harassed him along his journey north to Germany. Lauren Frayer for NPR hide caption

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John Harris, who runs the T. Cribb & Sons funeral home in the East End of London, stands in the coffin warehouse. The key to staying in business in the changing district is to diversify and specialize, he says. Leila Fadel/NPR hide caption

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Baby spotted eagles open wide for the camera, in the area around Chernobyl, in Belarus. Valeriy Yurko/Polessye State Radioecological Reserve hide caption

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A Syrian refugee stands on top of a water tank at the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan in 2013. While the surge of Middle Eastern refugees into Europe has grabbed world attention this year, most refugees find shelter close to their homeland, where they often remain for many years. Mohammad Hannon/AP hide caption

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