Renoir's On the Shore of the Seine returns to the Baltimore Museum of Art more than 60 years after its theft. Rumor has it Renoir painted the tiny piece on a linen napkin for his mistress. It was stolen from the museum in 1951 and resurfaced in 2012 when a woman tried to sell it, claiming she had bought it at a flea market. AP hide caption

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ShaoLan Hsueh worked with illustrators to develop pictograms that help readers learn Chinese characters. Rick Pushinsky/Courtesy of ShaoLan Hsueh hide caption

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After the Rockefeller Center mural was destroyed in 1934, Diego Rivera recreated this version, named Man, Controller of the Universe, which is on display at the Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico City. The story of the original mural's creation and destruction is the focus of a Mexican Cultural Institute exhibition in Washington, D.C. Courtesy of Museo Frida Kahlo hide caption

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Ettlinger at age 22, after his stint in the army. Courtesy George Ettlinger hide caption

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Artist Marc Ahr has been drawing at all the Olympic Games since 1992, but for him, Sochi is special. Sam Sanders/NPR hide caption

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"By me putting all this information out there, what I'm basically telling you is I'm telling you everything." — Hasan Elahi James Duncan Davidson/TED hide caption

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This French mechanical table was intended for Madame de Pompadour. The designs depict her many interests, including gardening, painting, music and architecture. Metropolitan Museum of Art hide caption

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Mexican artist Pedro Reyes received 6,700 weapons from the Mexican government, from which he sculpted instruments. Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images hide caption

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In a program called L'Arte Auita L'Arte (Art Helping Art) Italy's Ministry of Heritage and Culture and Tourism posted works of art in need of restoration on Facebook. The public was asked to vote for the art it felt was most deserving of a fix-up. Ministry of Heritage and Culture and Tourism via Facebook hide caption

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Robert Indiana first emerged as a pop artist in the early 1960s, but he was quickly defined by his 1966 signature work, LOVE, shown behind Indiana in this 2013 photo. Lauren Casselberry/AP hide caption

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Two turntables carved from wood scratch out the sound of Beat Nation artist Jordan Bennett learning his native Mi'kmaq language. David Sommerstein / NCPR hide caption

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